01 March, 2021

Captains Newsletter February 2021

At last, the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel is in sight. With luck, we should be able to play golf again by Easter or possibly even late March. Therefore, it is now time to find your golf clubs and give them a clean and polish. In a further sign of a return to a new normal. The Denbighshire Golfing Union (DGU) have announced the re-instatement of the Jubilee Plate and Inter-Club League competitions. As a reminder, the Jubilee Plate is a pairs competition, for full (male) members on a knock-out basis with a maximum handicap of 24. The entrance fee remains the same at £10.00 per pair with the participating names to be submitted to the DGU by April 10th We would normally organise a qualifying competition, but present circumstances preclude this, so, we will simply forward a maximum of 15 pairs. Details on how to sign-up for this competition will be communicated via a BRS message in the near future. The Inter-Club League comprises of teams of 8 pairs, again with handicap limit of 24. Irrespective of previous results and bearing in mind the Covid problem, the competition will be arranged on a regional basis of East and West of the County (5 in each group) with 4 matches of 2 home and 2 away. At present we would not envisage any meals after the matches. Again, details on how to sign-up for this league competition will be communicated in the near future. The Club Council have continued to meet virtually during the various Covid lockdowns. Due to the exceptional circumstances, Council decided to ask current club officials to stay in post for a further term of office. Thankfully, all officers have agreed. In addition, we have a nomination for a new Ladies Vice-Captain in Julie Hamer-Price, proposed by Lady Captain, seconded by Marian Williams. Therefore, the only vacant post remains that of Honorary Club Secretary. Please contact me directly if you wish to be considered for this important position. These appointments, in normal circumstances, would be confirmed at the AGM scheduled for 27th March. Clearly the AGM will be delayed. Can I ask, if any member objects to what has been agreed by Council, they contact me directly outlining their objections? Finally, I look forward to seeing you all back at Clays roaming the fairways in the very near future. Stay safe. Dave Palferman Captain 2020/1 dpalferman@gmail.com

23 January, 2021

Don Wraight in Hospital in Bangor being interviewed on ITV Wales 2021


09 January, 2021

Captains Newsletter January 2021

Apologies for the late publication, we have had some IT issues which resulted in the newsletter going missing. Following on from my last newsletter, the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel has dimmed. Unfortunately, this year will start in lockdown 3.0 and tiers for all! On a more positive note, some golf was played on a shortened course in December. Before I forget, congratulations to those members who competed in the final of the Autumn Series. A special mention goes to the winner Kev Jones winner of the series finale. Kev also won the quarterly medal the monthly medal, division 1, for December. Paul Stevenson won division 2, Barry Dare, senior captain, won division 3. Well done all. Continuing on a positive theme, we, the Club Council, have finalised the club calendar for 2021. The final version is being converted to a format suitable for uploading onto our club website. The hope is to finish this task as soon as possible so you can all spend the festive season planning your golfing year. Please do your best to support as many of the qualifying competitions as you can, especially the board competitions and traditional events such as Captains day, charity day and Presidents day to name but a few. I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to those who have provided support to me as your Captain in my first year. Obviously, this has been anything but a normal year. Despite the challenges, management, Josh, Russ and Andy, have remained positive and have done their best to keep the club open and Covid-19 safe. Similarly, Mark and his team of green keepers have been working hard to keep the course playable in very challenging conditions throughout the year, not forgetting Hayley, who has done her best to keep us fed and watered, when allowed. The senior section continues to thrive and grow. Thanks to Senior Captain, Barry Dare, and his committee for keeping this important community going throughout the various lockdowns. I know the support they provide to senior members is valued greatly. A special mention must go to Mike Healy, the senior’s competition secretary. Mike has worked tirelessly to keep the kitty comps going and managing the sign-up process all with wit and humour. Well done & keep up the good work. If you are short of a New Year resolution then one lucky member could become the members honorary secretary. Why not make that resolution to make a positive contribution to your golf club. Come on, you know you want to be that special person. Finally, all that remains is to wish all members, despite a less than promising start, a fantastic 2021. I look forward to seeing you all back on the fairways in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, please, please stay safe. Dave Palferman Captain 2020/21 dpalferman@gmail.com

10 December, 2020

Seniors both scores count December 10th 2020 report via Mike Healey

Pairs - Both Scores to Count. Having organised the competition, Mike Healey started on the first by nearly picking up my ball without putting out - talk about "seniors." He can only apologise to his partner for that and the rest of my round. The track was extremely sticky and our short game would have been sorely tested today. The weather held but there is more rain forecast. Six pairs scored over 50 points so once again countback was required. Result: First: Peter Bowen, Bob Jarvis 55 points £7.00 each Second: Peter Taylor, Damian Atkin 53 points £4.00 each Third: Tony Owens, Bill Kelleher 51 points (c/b) £3.00 each Fourth: Tom Blackshaw, Colin Brown 51 points (c/b) £2.00 each

Seniors Events December 2020

08 December, 2020

3 Clubs and a putter December 8th 2020. Report from Mike Healey

Three Clubs and a Putter Result It was a bit sticky underfoot and the buggies were not allowed today so numbers were affected. The weather held during our round, despite low temperatures but I fear there is more wet weather to come overnight and tomorrow. With any luck it should be dry on Thursday. There were quite a few of the 32 competition cards around the 23/24 points mark but not good enough...... and even the 25 pointers were split on countback (5 in all). There are six prizes in total and here are the winning results: First: Alan Barnsdale 30 points £9.00 Second: Reg Peacock 26 points (c/b) £7.00 Third: Mike Healey 26 points (c/b) £6.00 Fourth: Damian Atkin 25 points (c/b) £5.00 Fifth: Tony Jackson 25 points (c/b) £3.00 Sixth: Ernie Williams 25 points (c/b) £2.00

05 December, 2020

Seniors Medal December 3rd 2020

Results of Seniors December Medal Stableford over 13 holes DIVISION ONE 1. David Jones 30 points 2. Malcolm Williams 30 points 3. Alan Barnsdale 29 points DIVISION TWO 1. Stewart Poole 32 points 2. George Hughes 28 points 3. Steve Monk 27 points 2’s were scored on the 13th by David Jones

01 December, 2020

Mexican Scramble December 1st 2020 results from Mike Healey

My club selection for the last week or so has been between paint brush and roller - I can't wait for Thursday! Before the result - can I remind you that there is a senior Xmas collection box for the green staff in reception. Here is today's Scramble report and result: Mexican Scramble - The weather held today after lengthy spells of rain over the past two days. The fairways were soft but not glutinous and in contrast, the greens are holding well for this time of year. Most members seemed to remember the playing format of Mexican Scramble, although quite a few questions were asked at the start. The new WHS handicap system for scrambles was sent out with the draw but turned out to be somewhat confusing, so we reverted to the old 10% for four balls and 15% for three balls. Be warned - we have to grasp the nettle at some stage with handicaps. Today it was the turn of the four balls to return the better scores and there were three prizes in total: First: Stewart Poole, Alan Bottomley, Barry Evans, Bob Jarvis 41.2 points £4.00 each Second: Colin Evans, Peter Fraser, Alan Barnsdale, Les Williams 42.8 points £3.00 each Third: Mike Kalka, Harold Hughes, Dilly Jones, Liam Roddis 43.0 Points £1.00 each Well done to all who played and thanks again to Mike Hollings and Steve Monk for help in resolving cards and prizes. Medal on Thursday (with English bods back in town) - two more Kitty Comps next week.

Captains Newsletter November 2020

At last, light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, or more accurately three lights in form of vaccines. If, one or more, of these vaccines get approval and are distributed, there is hope for the golf season in 2021. All we have to do is get past the festive season. Let’s all hope it doesn’t end in lockdown 3.0 and tiers! It is good to see that the golf course has been busy since the end of Welsh lockdown 2.0. Unfortunately, English lockdown 2.0 has prevented members crossing the border to play. Many members on the English side of the border, including your Captain, are desperate to get back on the fairways, even if they are a bit soggy after a no golf for a month. I am looking forward to playing with my new WHS handicap for the first time. Hopefully, members are getting accustomed to the new handicapping system. We have a few more months to get fully familiar with the changes brought in by WHS before the season begins in 2021. Thanks to all those members who have supported and participated in the Stableford Autumn Series. Your Club Council are busy planning the club calendar for 2021. Keep your eyes open for entry sheets for the board competitions which should appear early in the new year. Also, your club council needs you! More specifically, we have a vacancy for an Honorary Club Secretary. Why not contact me and see what the role involves? Finally, a special mention must go to our senior section for their collective efforts on Poppy Day. Despite depleted numbers, a grand total of £392 was raised from the competition for the Royal British Legion. Please stay safe and enjoy your golf in December. Dave Palferman Captain 2020/1 dpalferman@gmail.com

Captains Newsletter February 2021

At last, the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel is in sight. With luck, we should be able to play golf again by Easter or possibly even late ...