05 July, 2022

3 and 4 ball all scores to count. July 5th 2022. Report via Mike Healey and photo via Don Wraight

It was great to see Peter Lynch and Colin Williams returning to the fold today. Neither of them have been able to play for quite a while but watch this space for future results.
Before today's report .... 34 tallies went into the draw this morning, so we played two competitions (6 x Threeballs and 4 x Fourballs - All to Count). There were no fewer than 3 x 2's scored in the ballsweep: Alan Barnsdale on the 2nd, Graham Bryne on the 5th and Tony Jackson on the 12th. It also happened to be a roll-over week so winnings in that field were good. We were expecting the possibility of isolated drizzle in patches but some fairly heavy showers ensued between 11.00 and 11.30am, which did affect some scores. For the main event there was 1 prize for the Fourballs and 2 prizes for the Threeballs: Fourball - Four to Count: First: Graham Bryne, Mike Parks, Mike Scott, Keith Hawthorn 141 points Threeball - Three to Count: First: Jon Falcus, Stewart Poole, Mike Healey 111 points Second: Reg Peacock, John Kelty, Steve Graham 104 points

30 June, 2022

Pairs betterball June 30th 2022. Report via Mike Healey

Pairs Betterball Result - We should call ourselves the "rain dodgers" remaining dry throughout. There was rain before the draw, rain around us and in other parts of Wrexham while we were playing and further rain as some of us were leaving the club. No excuses today, the 19 C was a nice temperature to play in - you just had to get your partner into gear. A perfect number of 36 turned up for the draw and overall, amongst the 18 cards returned, there was a good series of scores. 38 points was popular (5 cards) but all of them just outside the prizes. 42 points went to countback as did the top score of 45 points. There were four prizes altogether - read on: Result First: Stuart Leyland and Colin Evans 45 points (c/b) Second: Peter Taylor and Tom Pierce 45 points (c/b) Third: Mike Drake and Tom Blackshaw 43 points Fourth: Tony Jackson and Mike Healey 42 points (c/b) (Andy Mitchell and Nigel Davies just missed out with the same score)

28 June, 2022

Multiplier June 28th 2022. Results via Mike Healey

The "Cloud" forecast was spot on but the BBC failed to warn us about the gusty winds across the course. Never mind - At least they were right about rain coming in later and there were still some very good scores returned (1 member kick-started his team with a 5 pointer on the first hole - BK). Quite a few members went out early as they were tidying up knock-out matches (both individual and pairs) so once again, numbers were slightly down and awkward with 29. We played a Multiplier but with 2 competitions - threeball (1 prize) and fourball (2 prizes). Read on after the results for reminders. Multiplier - Threeball First: Bill Kelleher, Harold Hughes, John Kelty - 122 points Multiplier - Fourball First: Steve Graham, George Hughes, Gareth Thomas, Alan Pocklington - 138 points Second: Peter Taylor, Jon Falcus, Mike Hollings, Don Wraight - 125 points

23 June, 2022

Memorial Day June 23rd 2022. Report from Mike Healey and photo from Don Wraight

what a scorcher! - and that's just the golf!! Shorts and plenty of drink were the orders of the day and no fewer than 47 members placed their tallies in the draw for our Memorial Trophy. With temperatures reaching 28/29C, we all did well to survive and complete cards. While we have had three bereavements and a couple of funerals recently, it is always nice to remember our old mates. Every year on this day, Don places photographs and other name lists on all 18 tees, so that we can do that very thing. Chris Jacques (Senior captain) spoke about both our long-deceased (and more recent) colleagues and also held a minute's silence before the announcements of winners and presentation of the Memorial Trophy. It was an individual Stableford Qualifier in terms of competition and there were 8 prizes in total. I am pleased to add that the top prize and the Memorial Trophy were both presented to Harold Hughes by the Senior Captain. Well done Harold! Memorial Trophy Results: First: Harold Hughes 44 points
Second: Tony Jackson 43 points Third: Mike Scott 42 points Fourth: Les Williams 41 points Fifth: Andy Mitchell 40 points Sixth: Jon Falcus 39 points (c/b) Seventh: Damian Atkin 39 points (c/b) Eighth: Fred Court 39 points (c/b)

21 June, 2022

Texas scramble June 21st. Report vis Mike Healey

It's not often we run out of superlatives for the weather (27C today) but hasn't it been great?! There were plenty of drinks on show and even the greens around the course needed a soaking from the bowser this morning. 33 members entered the draw today so we played 11 x threeballs and swiftly changed to Texas Scramble, as opposed to the Mexican version. I have to say that the winning card scored an incredible 62 gross, including 2 x 2's and 7 x 3's. There were three prizes and the following teams were the winners: Texas Scramble Result: First: Colin Brown, Reg Peacock, Russ Adamson - 52.5 Second: Mike Hollings, Mike Healey, Steve Monk - 54.7 Third: Liam Roddis, Gareth Thomas, Mike Scott - 57.1 and four other cards below 60 nett!! Reminder - Thursday 23rd - Memorial Trophy is a roll up kitty comp and Individual Stableford Qualifier

17 June, 2022

Captains Newsletter June 2022

Captains Newsletter: June 2022 Published on 14th June 2022 Glorious Glorious June, lovely weather, fantastic golf course and lots of great facilities. This is Clays Golf Club at its finest. Use and enjoy all that’s on offer. First let me congratulate Malcolm Williams and Ewan Bonds and team for all their great effort in producing a fantastic NHS charity day. It was well supported from club members and visitors who praised the event and our course, so yet again a massive thanks to Mark and the boys for their efforts. All the results from the day are on the Clay’s web site and well done to those prize winners. The weather was inclement to start but brightened as the day progressed although a strong breeze made for tough conditions. Scores were very close throughout and comments were that we have a very tough course. The total monies raised will be posted as soon as the blind auction has been run. There are lots of fantastic prizes on offer and if anyone wishes to participate the auction will close on the 18th June. Details are still in the clubhouse. Jubilee plate has entered the 1st round proper and matches are on the notice board so good luck to all in this round. The DGU team visited Wrexham on the 29th May and achieved a narrow but a great win, 4 1/2 to 3 1/2. A brilliant start to the team’s league matches. Next is a visit from Moss Valley on Sunday 19th June. Good luck team and well done to Vice Captain Mick McHugh in picking a winning team. Congratulations Clays Ladies winning their home match against Royal St Davids Harlech in the NW Challenge shield. The Ladies section has been supported well and continues to grow with new members, which is fantastic for the club. JCB qualifier is now on the HDID knockout section, if you were among the top eight you will see who you are pitted against in the knockout stages; please complete the 1st round by beginning of July. A note from our handicap secretary Peter Bowen, please if you enter a competition you are obliged to submit your card, even if you decide midway that you are having a bad round. Failure to do so can mean you could be penalised by Wales golf. Up and coming event is CAPTAINS’ DAY on the 9th July. This, as last year will be a shotgun start. Entry sheet is on the noticeboard at the bottom of the stairs, please support. £10 entry, which will incorporate food, and a free drink at the bar. If any member wishes to donate raffle prizes please leave at reception and big thanks for doing so. Having just completed the NHS charity day brings me and Lady Captain to inform members that our charity this year will be in aid of Shooting Star Cancer Support Wrexham, who apart from myself, have given great help and care to many. There will be further information concerning the charity in the form of leaflets in the clubhouse. Please help and we will be hosting our charity day on the 13th August. Just leaves me to wish you all good golf and to remind you that using the rakes in the bunkers is free, so please use them. Don Wraight Club Captain

16 June, 2022

Seniors 4 ball tango report June 16th 2022 from Mike Healey

the good weather continues! ☀☀ My car thermometer registered 280C after the presentations and the majority of members who turned up were glad they were in shorts. That was the only thing that could have put us off our golf today. The course is in great nick and the groundstaff were putting even more work into the bunkers. A number of seniors were playing in the pairs knockout and another group were on a day out at Abergele, not to mention the crowd down in Devon for the week. Despite the absences, 19 members still went into the draw for a Fourball Tango and we employed a ghost player (dubbed Jacob Marley) for one of the groups. On average - par for this format should have been around 96 points, Three groups achieved this and the two others were not far behind. There were two prizes - read on for the result: Fourball Tango: First: Ian Ketland, Ken Tieszen, Steve Monk, Chris Jacques - 112 points Second: Andy Mitchell, Bill Kelleher, Mike Scott, Stan Robertds - 99 points

3 and 4 ball all scores to count. July 5th 2022. Report via Mike Healey and photo via Don Wraight

It was great to see Peter Lynch and Colin Williams returning to the fold today. Neither of them have been able to play for quite a while but...