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Walking football video taken on Devon Trip 2019

Video courtesy of Mike Hollings
What a dreadful fake fall!!

Mexican Scramble June 27th 2019

Thanks to Mike Healey  for the results below

Quite a few members were playing in Senior knockout competitions today, so Kitty Comp. numbers were lower than normal but what a gorgeous day for golf. Slightly breezy, with many members trying to put each other off by wearing shorts over white stalks. Nevertheless, all golf was played in good humour and despite the four drives rule plus a par three in our Mexican Scramble, all groups managed to prevail (bar one who were instantly disqualified - no names, no pack drill). Because of numbers there was a three ball group and a four ball group with one winning team in each group. Starting with - 
Three Ball winners:
First        -        Damian Atkin, Andy Mitchell, Harold Hughes                        69.6 points
Second    -        John Falcus, Tony Owens, Noel Jones                                 71.4 points (on countback)
Third        -        Chris Jaques, Nigel Harris, Malcolm Williams                       71.4 points
Four Ball winners:

Kitty competition and home match vs Henlle June 25th 2019

Thank you to Andrew Mitchell for the following report
Due to a home match with Henlle only 11 members braved the rain to play a kitty comp.
After 9 holes the rain got heavier and annoying so we decide to finish the comp after 13 holes.
We then decided that there wouldn’t be any prizes and that the money raised would be donated to the Captain’s charity.
The Captain (Nigel to us) was very grateful and thanked us all for our donation
In the home match vs Henlle Malcolm Williams reported as follows
 It was a miserable morning until about mid-day when the rain eased! But a good morning golf-wise as we won 6-2. Yet again our visitors were full of praise about the superb course conditions and the excellent Carvery provided by Hayley!

Captains Newsletter June 2019

Clays Golf Club
Captain’s Newsletter : June 2019
Dear Member of Clays Golf Club
There is only one way to start this latest newsletter and that is to bring you up to date with the money raised by Russ for his “Big Dive” into the pond on the 7th. Thanks to Russ’s efforts and the generosity of members and friends, the fantastic amount of £475 was raised for our Prostate Cancer charity fund. We are very grateful to everyone for their donations - and we are particularly grateful to Russ!

A group of Clays members enjoyed a complimentary Away Day at Porthmadog GC on Wednesday, 22nd May. It was also very gratifying to read the email sent from a representative from Porthmadog Ladies’ Section following their visit to Clays on the same day in which she said that they “had a fantastic day and where all very impressed with the course and the very warm welcome (they) had from all of the staff”.
The Club Social Committee have come up with a pretty full calendar of golfing and/or social events for the nex…

Stableford June 20th and home match vs Holywell

Thanks to Andrew Mitchell for the following results. Only 11 players as home match vs Holywell.

Individual stableford (11 Players)

1st Andrew Mitchell       35 points
2nd Graham Bryne          31 points
3rd Stewart Poole            30 points

In the home match vs Holywell Clays won 10 matches to nil.

Seniors Memorial Trophy June 18th 2019

Thank you to Mike Healey for thr following report and results and to Don Wraight for thephotograph.

43 Seniors turned out today - raring to go. The weather held nicely and the course was in fantastic condition. The ground staff were spraying various parts of the course, so warnings were issued about licking balls and they could do absolutely nothing about the previous rain in bunkers, so they all remained GUR. The Memorial Trophy is played under Stableford rules but remains as a qualifying competition in the club calendar. It was also held as a Kitty Comp. and there were 7 winners:-
1st place        Neville Bassett       35 points (on countback)

2nd place       Stewart Poole         35 points
3rd place        Nigel Davies           33 points (on countback)
4th place        Dave Palferman      33 points
5th place        Damian Atkin         32 points (on countback)
6th place        Peter Taylor           32 points    
7th place        Tony Jackson        31 points (on countback)
The tw…

Devon Trip 2019 results

Thanks to Fred for supplying the results from Devon as below. Photos have been posted earlier on other pages.

Monday competition abandoned due to weather and lightening strikes onto the golf course. Tuesday;- Irwin Elkin 33 pts; Tony Harcombe 32 pts; Dave A Jones 32 pts Wednesday;-Graham DC 34 pts; Colin Bain (Guest)  33 pts; Stuart Leyland 31 pts Thursday;- Tony Harcombe 35 pts; Colin Brown 34 pts; Graham DC 32 pts Ramnee winner Tony Harcombe accumulated points 95 runner up Graham DC 92 Points then Stuart Leyland with 89 Points. Forrest Trophy Don Wraight with 77 and a mention for Dave A Jones also with 77. 28 MyMy Neville Bassett with two holes scoring 4 points or better.

Clays golf June 13th 2019 course closed plus Devon photos

Today the course was closed due to recent heavy rain. Mike Drake has sent some more photos of the lads in Devon.

Seniors news June 11th 2019

Not much to report as weather been awful with lots of localised flooding.
On Tuesday 11th holes  16 and 17 were closed and today June 12th the course itself is closed.

The rain on Seniors day on the 11th was horrendous so I doubt anyone turned up to play?

The members who have gone to Devon have been experiencing bad weather as well including thunder and lightening! However some golf has been possible and Mike Drake has sent some photos as below.Thanks Mike.

Individual Stableford June 4th 2019

Thanks to Mike Healey for the following report

Only seven entries this morning in fine, drizzly rain (such was the popularity of the Shrewsbury Open) so an individual Stableford was the order of the day:
First          -      Bob Brown        40 points
Second      -     Roy Jordan        35 points
Not only did Roy pick up 2nd prize but he was the only member to score a two on the fifth hole

Seniors Competitions June 2019 via Mike Healey

COMMENTS Tuesday June 4th SHREWSBURY OPEN HOME PLAYERS - TBD Kitty Comp decided on the day depending on numbers Thursday June 6th