30 December, 2017

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28 December, 2017

Seniors Kitty competition December 28th 2017

Derek is indebted to Tom McGrady for the following report and photos.

10 members  braved the icy conditions and played 15 holes  (the 2nd, 16th, and 17th were closed). The fairways were very playable but the greens were icy making putting a bit of an issue but good fun too.

The 10 players were: Andrew Mitchell, Bob Brown, Chris Jacques, Maelor Davies, Noel Jones, Roy Jordan, Joe White, Harold Hughes, Mike Drake and myself. Some photos may be available soon.

There were 3 prizes as follows:

1st   Bob Brown with 28 points

2nd  Harold Hughes with 26 points

3rd   Andrea Mitchell with 25 points

Tom obviously took the photo of these brave guys!!

27 December, 2017

Happy Xmas everyone December 2017

Happy Christmas Everybody  !!!!!!!!

Jingle Bells like you have never heard it before!  FANTASTIC!!

Go here...Sound on...
                                  https://www.youtube.com/embed/ khQN5ylb3H0?rel=0

21 December, 2017

Multiplier Competition December 21st 2017

Thanks to Steve Monk for the following results.

Todays competition was a Multiplier. 24 players competed in six fourballs over 15 holes (the 2nd, 16th and 17th being closed due to wet conditions).
Winners were:
1st - Peter Fraser, Mike Kalka, Barry Evans and Harold Hughes with 93 points

2nd - Peter Almond, Roy Jordan, Keith Hawthorn and Mike Drake with 86 points.

19 December, 2017

3 Clubs and a putter Stableford December 19th 2017

Today the weather was mild and later in the morning felt like summer. The competition was over 15 holes with the 2nd/16th/17th out of action.

Results as follows:-

  1. Colin Brown 31pts
  2. Frank Rodenhurst 30pts
  3. Malcolm Williams 28pts
  4. Ralph Hardy 27pts
  5. Harold Hughes 27pts
  6. Dave Palferman 27pts

Andrew Mitchell ran the 2's competition.There was only one winner namely Mike Kalka on the 12th

Some photos and videos of the day below

Looking towards 11th tee

To left of 16th fairway

Peter Bowen on his back swing on 16th tee

Peter Bowen taking his 3rd shot to 16th green

Our Seniors Captain in Xmas attire on 13th tee

Steve Monk and Peter Bowen on 8th green

Sunshine showing through the trees from 13th green

Steve Monk looking Xmasy in his twinkling Xmas jumper

Lovely toasted sandwich via Hayley.....cheese onion and tomato

Below Steve Monk driving off the 16th tee

and below Steve driving off the 13th, His driving long today using a 5 wood!!

14 December, 2017

Golf Rule via Fred December 14th 2017

14/12/2017: In the hazard or not, Oh what a tangles web we weave, recently when given a scenario from the days competition a player teed off on the 17th at Clays and his ball entered the pond, each member in the group witnessing the splash.  The player walked forward and dropped a ball into play and played into the green, as the group approached the green the players’ original ball was found outside the hazard having done a Barnes Wallace.
My instinct advise was the player incurred a penalty when proceeding to the pond and dropping a ball under rule 26.1 but was mindful I now had a problem because of the wording in rule -26 which makes a reference to “virtual certainty” so I have carried out some research as follows:-

1.      You must know or be virtually certain your ball has entered a hazard, in order to apply rule 26.1.
2.      You cannot assume your lost ball is in the hazard; rule 27 applies (stroke and distance)
a.      A question: - Playing toward a hazard you are virtually certain your ball entered the hazard, using rule 26.1a which permits use of rule 27.1 you drop another ball into play from where you last played (stroke and distance) and continue play, you find your 1st ball outside the hazard; your correct procedure to complete the hole is?
b.      A question: - Playing toward a hazard and being virtually certain your ball entered the hazard, you walk forward and under rule 26.1 drop a ball behind the pond and play toward the green, you find your first ball outside the hazard; your correct procedure to complete the hole is?
c.       A question: - Playing toward a hazard it is not clear where your ball came to rest, for example playing our 16th and your ball goes off line into the right-hand tree area, unable to find your ball you assume it came to rest within the hazard.  You drop a ball next to the hazard on the green side of the 17th under rule 26.1 and continue play of the 16th. You hole out in 5 strokes, what is your score for the hole?

In question (a); you have placed another ball into play using rule 27.1 the original ball is now by definition lost. Continue play with the substitute ball under penalty of 1 stroke described by 27.1
In question (b); you have moved forward to the hazard and as you were virtually certain the ball had entered the hazard you correctly made use of rule 26.1b and dropped a substitute ball into play, your first ball is now out of play. Continue with the substitute ball even if your partner finds it outside the hazard before you play the substitute ball your first ball remains out of play.
Why is this you may ask; - As you were virtually certain your ball was in the hazard you correctly dropped the substitute ball into play. At this stage you must still play the dropped ball and accept the appropriate penalty.
In question (c); you assumed your ball had entered the hazard, however in this situation the only rule available to you is rule 27.1
Playing from the pond under this rule is a 1 stroke penalty, however rule 27.1 is stroke and distance consiquently you have played from the wrong place and incurred an additional 2 stroke penalty, (Loss of the hole in Match-play) and could be considered for disqualification should the committee believe your breach to a serious one. Your score for the hole would be your 5 strokes plus 1 plus 2 =8
The terminology “virtually certain” reflects greatly on the correct procedure and penalty

Sheriff on rules.

Seniors breakfast Club December 14th 2017

As there was no golf today 16 Seniors enjoyed a lovely breakfast cooked by Hayley....looks yummy

12 December, 2017

Seniors Xmas meal December 12th 2017

This year was slightly different from past years in that there was no 9 hole Texas scramble prior to the meal for obvious reasons!

The afternoon began with pre-lunch drinks in the bar. Russ Adamson did a great job as MC announcing the format of the day and when lunch would be served etc

The room had been beautifully set out as below with several tables and a well organised table plan

Some photos below of the various tables with their respective members

The TOP table with the Seniors Captain and past Captains

Turkey meal was one of the 2 options for main course, the other being beef

Don Wraight presented Hayley with a collection from the Seniors and grateful thanks for superb food

The new owners of the Club were given a rapturous standing ovation. Pictured are Bill Lewis and his wife

After the meal Seniors Captain Don Wraight announced and presented various prizes as below. Fred Court also presented some Devon Trip winners.

Alwyn Williams receiving the very prestigious DONDERBUCKLES Trophy. 

At the end of the formal prize givings Don turned to Derek to thank him for his blog work. Derek went up and tried to take a "selfie" but failed. However Mike Parkes managed to take a photo of Derek as can be seen below where Derek is chatting with Cliff Lloyd

'Derek on the other side of the lens for a change !!!' below via Mike Parkes

05 December, 2017

Seniors AGM December 5th 2017 after Texas scramble

Today's Texas Scramble Results:
5 teams of 4 played holes 1 to 4 and 14 to 18 only.

The best score was 27.80 by the team of Frank Rodenhurst, Dilly Jones, Phil Morris and Dave Palferman
2nd, with 27.85, were Colin Evans, Peter Lynch, Andrew Mitchell and Malcolm Williams.

Across the road another 5 teams of 4 played holes 5 to 13 only.

Best was a score of 27.9 by Stewart Poole, Peter Almond, Barry Evans and Tom McGrady

2nd, with 29.2, were Derek Lyon, Colin Brown, Ron Roberts and David Lloyd.

All players then attended the AGM at noon along with other Seniors members who did not play in the competition. In total 55 Seniors attended the AGM.

Various photos of the AGM below

Tallies up ready for Texas scramble

Top table getting ready for the business

In full flow outgoing Captain Nigel Davies reading his report
Steve Monk delivering his report

Nigel about to introduce Dave Palferman the Treasurer
Dave Palferman giving his financial report

Don Wraight being introduced as the next Captain by Nigel

Nigel handing over Captaincy to Don Wraight

Don dealing now with the rest of Agenda items. Chris Jacques at end of table taking the minutes

Don coming to the end of the Agenda and about to close the meeting at 3.30pm

Below are approved minutes from 2016 AGM

Clays Seniors: Minute of Annual General Meeting 2016

Tuesday December 6th 2016
Time 12.00 noon after 9 hole competition.


1.      Apologies;      Russ Adamson; Stan Brookfield; Eifion Jenkins; Roy Jones; Richard Key; Geoff Morris; Bill Parry; Pauline Peacock; Gordon Roberts; Mike Turner.
2.        Members present; 61 Attended:-  Peter Almond; Steve Beech; Peter Bowen; Colin Brown; Bob Brown; Fred Court (Senior Sec); Barry Dare; Diane Dare; Nigel Davies (Senior Captain); Cliff Davies; Maelor Davies; John Davies (Committee); Polly Davies; Robert Dean; Mike Dean; Irwin Elkin; Colin Evans; Barry Evans;
Cliff Evans (Committee); Peter Fey; Peter Fraser; Tony Harcombe; Kim Harcombe; Nigel Harris;
Mike Hollings; Phil Hughes; Harold Hughes; William Hughes; Chris Jacques; Dilwyn Jones; Noel Jones; Raymond Jones; Roy Jordon; Mike Jordon; Mike Kalka; Bill Kelleher; John Kelty; Ian Ketland; Nick Lee; Stuart Leyland; Peter Lynch; Derek Lyon; Tom McGrady; Andrew Mitchell; Steve Monk ( Event Org.);
Phil Morris; Tony Owens; Dave Palferman (Treasurer); Mike Parks; Reg Peacock; Stewart Poole; Ron Roberts; Frank Rodenhurst; Neil Sanger;  Graham Stokes; Reg Taylor;  Paul White (Inter-club Match Org.);
Malcolm Williams; Ernie Williams; Alwyn Williams; Don Wraight (Competition Org);
3.       Minutes of last AGM December 8th 2015; were proposal as a true record by Bill Kelleher and seconded by Bob Brown.
4.      Matter arising from minutes; There were no matters arising from the last minute.
5.      Confirm appointment Dave Palferman as Treasurer for the senior section. The members present voted unanimously for the acceptance of Dave Palferman as treasurer of the section.
6.      Reports;
Hon Sec.
Competition Organiser;
Seniors event Organiser;
Interclub Match Organiser;

Senior Captain’s Twelve months ago, at the 2015 AGM, I was honoured to be selected as your captain. I knew that it was a position of great responsibility and perhaps a daunting prospect and, in fact, the AGM itself was, to some degree, a baptism of fire! However, I believe that the fact that we could have such a robust debate but then come together as a unified group demonstrated one of the many strengths that make our section so special. During that AGM, a number of new committee members were chosen and I must take this opportunity to thank, on your behalf, all of the members of our committee for their enthusiasm, wisdom and hard work throughout the year and particularly the support that they have given me in my first year as captain. I would also like to thank Derek Lyon, who left the committee at last year’s AGM but who has continued to update the Seniors Blog, which I know is highly valued by all of us in our section – although I have found that you have to make sure that you’re on your best behaviour on the course as Derek will be lurking with his camera! As an aside, I have found it interesting to monitor the improvement in Colin Brown’s scores since he relinquished his captaincy!
During the club AGM, in light of information regarding club membership, it became evident that approximately 1/3 of the club membership are in the Seniors section and perhaps almost ½ according to more recent membership figures. To me, this indicates the importance of our section in helping to make the club progress. It has been pleasing to welcome a number of new members to our section this year and I know that you will have made them all feel welcome.
The AGM was soon followed by our Christmas lunch, a great afternoon but I think it took me until February to recover! The lunch demonstrates the essence of what the Seniors section is all about - including booing when certain people win!
Tragically, Christmas then brought sad news with one of our past members passing away. This was followed later in the year with the loss of other highly regarded and popular friends. It perhaps serves as a reminder that a poor shot or a missed putt don’t really matter; being able to play & enjoy the game we love is a precious gift. A number of our members have also had a difficult year with various medical problems and I know that we wish them all a full and speedy recovery and improved health in 2017.
2016 began with me being invited to participate in the Club Captains’ Drive In. For me this was more than a personal honour; it was recognition of our section as a whole.
At time of writing the course is in good condition, particularly the greens, and it is interesting to note that in the first few months of the year a number of our medals were either postponed or made non-qualifiers due to course conditions. We only make such decisions after a great deal of consideration and I hope that you continue to support us when we may have to make similar decisions in good faith in future. The improvement in the course is testament to the work carried out by the green keeping staff, in sometimes difficult circumstances, and I would like to acknowledge their efforts.
Our Honours Board competitions, medals and special events during the year have been very well supported and I thank members of our section for their participation. I would particularly like to mention the £315 that we raised for the Royal British Legion during our Ken Lawrence Memorial competition; this was a great amount and a demonstration of the generosity of the members of our section. For kitty competitions, we have introduced a number of new formats; some more popular than others, and we will continue to think of ways in which we can make our golf as interesting and enjoyable as possible. A great deal of thanks is due to Don Wraight and Steve Monk for all of their hard work in organising our competitions and I would also like to thank Cliff Evans for his original idea to introduce a 2s element into our kitty competitions and for his continuing administration of the ball sweep. This is an innovation that has proved popular and well supported.
At times this year it has proved difficult to form a team for our inter-club matches and in fact one match had to be called off because we couldn’t raise a team, which was a great disappointment. Paul White has done an enormous amount of work in arranging and administering the matches and I thank him very much for his efforts.
Cliff Lloyd, who has been our Seniors Treasurer for a number of years, decided not to renew his club membership, and we felt it important to acknowledge Cliff’s great contribution to our section and the club in general. A very successful “Seniors v Rest of the Club” match was held in Cliff’s honour and I know that you will join me in thanking Cliff for everything that he has done for us over the years and wish him well for the future. The appointment of the new Seniors Treasurer will be decided upon during this AGM.
The Clays Seniors Open took place on 9th August. We had a very successful day, with very positive feedback from visitors from other clubs. Approximately £180 was raised for Seniors section funds in addition to £490 which was paid over to Clays Management.
We have received notification from The Golf Union of Wales regarding a new event that they will be launching in 2017, the Welsh Seniors' Greensomes Championship. The GUW will invite all clubs across Wales to run a qualifying competition for their senior members in 2017 from which the winners will qualify for the national final which will be run and administered by the GUW. We are looking to support this initiative and we look forward to a successful event, particularly considering the practice that we’re getting in Greensomes thanks to Steve!
Some of our most enjoyable days are spent when we play seniors opens at other clubs and, as ever, we are indebted to Tony Harcombe for his organisation of these excellent trips away.
The committee recently made the decision to do away with the 2 shot penalty for winners of kitty competitions, as it was proving very difficult to administer the process fairly. We will, of course, continue to monitor this, particularly if “serial winners” become apparent!
I would like to congratulate all of our players who have had success this year. Although we had a reasonable spread of names winning competitions and medals etc., it was also obvious that the “usual suspects” were very much in evidence! Two achievements that I feel deserve particular mention are Frank Rodenhurst easily winning the Winter League with one round to go and having missed playing in one round and Bill Kelleher’s winning of the Mike Copperwheat Seniors Eclectic for the 5th year in a row!!!
Finally, I must pass on many thanks for all of the work that Fred Court has done as Seniors Secretary this year. Fred is a constant source of wisdom, experience and knowledge and I greatly appreciate his support for me personally.
Best wishes to all members of our section for good health and enjoyable golf in 2017. Nigel Davies.

Honorary Secretary’s report:  It does not seem like a year has passed since our Last AGM but here we are again, I shall keep this brief as much of what I could say will be covered by other committee members during the AGM
As with Derek before me I have to mention the sad loss of several of our members this year also the serious issues which have been experienced by others, and wish them a speedy recovery.
I would thank the Committee who, this last year consist of a considerable influx of new blood including myself who you might describe as new blood recycled. The committee have worked extremely well together, having held regular meeting to discuss one or two issues raised by members and others, some of them quite tenuous. I thank each and all, especially our Captain Nigel, for the effort they contribute in order to make your time at clays interesting enough and inspire you to come back for more.
We could not talk about our committee without expressing our thanks to Cliff Lloyd for his term in office of over 20 years as the senior’s Treasure and also his support to the section and the club in general. Thanks to Dave for stepping in to take over the Treasurers responsibility. Then there is Derek our immortal press officer, thanks for all your reports and Blogs especially for my occasional Blog on the rules. With regard to the rules of Golf I ask you all to remember the rules are there to make a fair and level playing field, and not designed for punishment, indeed use of the rules may even give an advantage. Unfortunately, there are many basic issues were players misuse the rules and avoid penalties. The most common of which I see is Players lifting their ball without first marking its position that said, I shall leave the rules behind at this point.
I have a few other thanks I wish to make in particular our own members for their generous contribution to show the sections gratitude to Cliff Lloyd, the result of your contribution will be revealed during our Christmas Party, and then it’s a question of finance, if it’s not me chasing money, then it has to be “can I have a cheque Charlie” our own Tony Harcombe. Tony thanks for your time and diligence in the organisation of Open events.
One of my tasks is the maintenance of our membership list which currently stands at 123 registered members and also the information Tally list for phone contact, I have also adapted this list to show Membership payment on the current year as a memory jogger for those not yet paid. Respectfully I would remind you that dues are required in December for the year starting January our year being out of sync with Clays golf year which is June. I mention this because a significant number assume all dues are required at the same time. Recently several members have not renewed their membership leaving t the club, not renewing their senior membership nor paid dues 6 months earlier.  Therefore, remember the Draw for some amber liquid at the Christmas party for those having paid by that date for 2017. If you wish you may pay dues after the close of this meeting.
 I have noted the volume of Tally list copies on our tally board, many of which having out of date information and tried to minimise this. I have been copying this Tally sheet to each member for whom I have email contact, occasionally people do change contact detail but omit to advise everyone, if you know of any change for which I have not been advised please let me know.
Finally, as we are getting toward that time of the year, I remind you of the Senior Christmas Party on Dec. 13th and if you have not already entered for the 9-hole competition followed by our meal, if the list is no longer on the board down stairs, contact Don ASAP. I wish you all the seasons greeting and good health. Fred Court

Treasurer’s Report: Many members will know that our long time treasurer Cliff Lloyd did not renew his club membership for the 2016/17 season. I (David Palferman) took over the role of treasurer on a temporary basis subject to confirmation at the AGM. I would personally like to thank Cliff for all the help he has given to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.
There is no immediate need to increase the members’ subs of £5 per annum.
Any member paying their 2017 subs prior to the Xmas meal on 13 December will automatically be entered into a free raffle for a bottle of whiskey to be drawn at the Xmas meal. Please note, for logistical reasons, members will not be able to pay their subs on the day of the Xmas meal. If any member wishes to pay via Internet banking, our account details with Nat West Bank are Sort code: 55-81-42, Account No.32236328. Please ensure you enter your name in the reference box.
The current balance of the section stands at £825.47 (Nov 2016). This figure will increase as members pay their £5 subs for 2017 over the coming weeks. 
A summary of the account activities for 2016 are given below. A full copy of the account spreadsheet is available on request.
Balance January 2016:                        £262.72
Total Income                           £ 2512.02
Total Expenditure                    £ 1949.27 
Finally, I would like to thank members for their continued support.
Dave also advised the main income for the section was the Subs which were supplemented by our “senior open” and “Christmas party”.

Competition Organiser: Dear Seniors; A big thank you for supporting all the Boarded competitions and Medals, congratulations go to the winners of all the events and although they go away with trophies you can all applaud yourselves by being a competitor in those comps.
It will soon be time for the 2017 entry form to be available to complete. These will be ready as soon as the Clays diary is completed, can I please have those back as soon as possible together with a cheque for the comps.
Closing date will be 31st March 2017 and the relevant draws will be made soon after.
Just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
Make yourself a winner and enter the comps please.
A note added to Dons report but not read out.; To qualify for Honour-Board competitions you require to be a paid up member of the senior section; have a valid Competitive handicap and your “Registered Entry and Payment” before the end of March for Knock-out competitions. Late completion disrupts the flow of competition; players are requested to complete their round ASAP and no later than the date set by the organiser. Committee reserve the right to disqualify members for late completion of any round.
We request early entry and payment for nominated Honour Board competitions also by the end of March but the closing date for non knockout competitions remains the day of the event.
Note, late entries after March for stroke play H-B competitions may miss out on the playing order draw and will need to speak to the organiser for a tee time and marker.





Seniors Championship


Pairs Betterball




2 Day


















Senior event’s Organiser; I have enjoyed organising our calendar of kitty competitions through the year and hope you have all enjoyed playing in them. I have tried to introduce a few new competitions into the programme and I think they have mostly been popular. Of course, all golf games are variations on a theme – the theme being to take as few shots as possible to complete each hole!!

One comp I introduced went against this theme – the LAHLAH’s. A few members pointed out that on certain holes (the ‘L’ holes, where the lowest Stableford score counts – i.e. the worst score) a player could score a gross eagle for a net albatross and it would count for nothing if the rest of the team only managed meagre pars. I thought this a valid criticism so I have dropped it from our programme.

Most of the new comps have been suggested by people other than myself and for these I would like to thank Fred, our Captain Nigel, my son-in-law, and an opponent in a match at Hawarden GC. I must also thank Stewart Poole for his many years doing this job and for the range of competition formats he made regulars for us all to enjoy - more or less all of which I have continued with.  Any member who wants to suggest other new formats is welcome to try them out on me. I already have another one or two ‘up my sleeve’ for trying out next year.

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped to run the comps in my absence, or when I am still out on the course, such as Nigel, Don Wraight, and others on the committee and also some not on the committee. However, I would especially like to thank Cliff Evans for assisting me with the draw for tees and partners each morning and also for spicing up the kitty comps by suggesting and running the popular ‘2’s ball sweep.

Finally, thank you to all of you for supporting the competitions so well. Just to give a few stats, on January 5th, 48 turned up for the first round of the winter league. In February the average attendance per game was 42, ranging from 34 to 48. In March it was 41, with a highest of 55 for the St. David’s Day event. Things have continued more or less the same throughout the year, which is what makes being on the committee so rewarding. Of course, you are all such keen golfers you’d probably turn up even if Mickey Mouse was organising things, but thank you all for you support in any case. I hope 2017 is just as successful a golfing year for us all. Steve Monk

Match Organiser; 18 matches had been arranged at the start of 2016. Only 16 took place with the Home match against Denbigh cancelled due to them not being able to raise a team, and the Away match against Holywell cancelled because Clays were unable to raise a team.

Of the 16 matches, 6 were won (5 at Home and 1 Away), 7 lost (1 at Home and 6 Away) and 3 matches drawn.

 45 different people played for Clays Seniors in 2016, but only 16 of these played in half of the games.

An aim at the start of the year was to introduce more competition. A new trophy was provided by ex-Chirk GC members and this was played for (on a Home and Away basis) against Henlle Park. Unfortunately (for us), they won both matches and were awarded the trophy for 2016.

An individual league has also been introduced on the basis of 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 1 further point for playing in a match. The results of this league will be announced at next week’s Senior’s Xmas party along with other prizes.

Generally, it has been difficult to raise a team of 20 for each match this year. Other clubs also finding it difficult and some are looking to reduce the number of players on each team. We have lost the fixture against Denbigh for 2017. Unless we have more people coming forward to play in our matches, there is a very real possibility that other fixtures will be lost in the future. Their continuation is dependent upon members coming forward to play. Paul White

Items/issues raised by various members.

7.      Guest Eligibility for Competition entry The following amendment to our constitution is proposed within our committee meeting. Seconded by Fred Court.
A guest over 55yrs of age with a “Competitive Congu Handicap” will be allowed to win monetary prizes or equivalent but not win a trophy. Any guest under the age of 55will not be charged a completion fee, will play as a marker and will therefore not be eligible to win any prize.
FC gave a very brief outline advising some members had requested the committee to review this point and he gave the committees’ train of thought in the proposal wording.
Members present voted with a large majority and the proposal accepted.

8.      Partnerships For honour board competitions.  The following amendment to our constitution is proposed within committee meeting and seconded by Fred Court.
Partnership; if after entering a “Pairs Competition”, a change the partnership is required due to a long term illness,, recuperation from illness or withdrawal of membership. Such a change is permitted provided neither of the original partnership nor the incoming partner has played in any rounds within the event.
A small discussion took place and it was confirmed the player was entitled to challenge playing on their own. S Monk asked for an amendment to the wording to injury/illness” avoiding future argument.

With this amendment, members voted in favour. The proposal item 8 approved and carried.

9.      Proposal is for the Section to introduce 9-Hole qualifying competitions.
Proposed by Irwin Elkin and seconded by Cliff Evans. The proposal is to hold 9-Hole competition qualifiers, limited to Stableford scoring as per Congu Rules 22.1 “22.2, for those members wishing to avail themselves the facility to maintain a recognised Handicap, played on the same day as the normal 18-Hole qualifiers

There was an active discussion for this proposal:- B Kelleher asked if this would form a separate competition? B Evans Suggested starts from the 14th; J Davis advised this suggestion would cause problems with logistics on the course. B Dare advised to make it clear that at this time we do not have the ability within the computer programme to accommodate this form of competition.
R Peacock stated a members had suggested no fee for participation so advised we were already charging a fee for   a complementary score and a fee for the 9-hole competition should be made;
S Poole requested the vote be taken and the organisation detail be sorted thereafter. C Brown visualised the 9-hole players play at the back of the field making the socialisation with the main field possible; P White stated it was the principle we should be considering; Several members advise they knew members who played socially because they had difficulty in completing 18-holes; N Davies  summed up the principle was our concern as we are not able to implement if voted in until all external issues were resolved; The final response given was that a 9-hole course had to be identified by management and approved by the GUW with its own Standard Scratch measurement.

A vote was taken and the proposal Item 9 was approved and carried.

10.  Proposal for the Section to introduce mixed tee position with their Qualifying competitions. Proposed by Irwin Elkin and seconded by Cliff Evans. The proposal is for players having the choice of which measured course (colour of tees) they will use throughout the competition. (Appendix “O” from the Congu rules covers this issue)

Additional information relating to items 9 & 10 was supplied by your Hon. Sec. (Rule 22 and appendix “O”)

A long debate continued around this subject relating to information regarding the Handicap system and relevant adjustment to be made when standardising scores returned if competitions were held on this basis. I Elkin advised that regardless of the vote for the system proposed, it will eventually be imposed on all clubs by the golf unions;

A vote was carried out with 17 members voting for, and a large majority against: The proposal was turned down and not carried.

Next AGM Tuesday December 5th 2017.

1.     Ladies will always play from the ladies (red) tees, and will score points and receive handicap shots in accordance with the pars and stroke indices of the ladies card (except as defined in footnote 4 below). Additionally, when men and ladies compete against each other, handicap adjustments will be made to one gender or the other in accordance with the table below, which complies with guidance contained in the CONGU UHS manual Appendix O, to account for differences in the par and SSS between the ladies card and the men’s card.

Competition Type

Ladies Tee
Men’s Tee
Handicap Adjustment
Men receive 1 extra shot
No adjustments

Ladies receive 1 extra shot

Ladies receive 2 extra shots

Matchplay Singles
Ladies receive 1 extra shot before calculating the handicap differentials
Matchplay Pairs
As for matchplay singles above

2.     - signifies that in order to win prizes in the relevant events, players must hold a current official Competition CONGU handicap (‘c’ status) before the event commences. Players without a current official handicap may enter and play but cannot win prizes.
3.     - signifies that players must hold a current official Competition CONGU handicap (‘c’ status) before they enter the relevant events.
4.     In mixed gender matchplay competitions, (as in paras 4.2.2 and 4.2.3), both men and ladies will play to the stroke indices of the men’s card irrespective of who is the lowest handicapper.

The procedure to follow in such matches is therefore:

For singles: Man – white tees. Lady – red tees. Add 1 shot to the lady’s handicap; then determine who has the lower resultant handicap; then deduct the lower handicap from the higher handicap to determine the number of shots the higher handicapper will receive for the game. The shots to be received by the higher handicapper will be at holes with a stroke index on the men’s card from 1 up to the calculated handicap difference.

For pairs: Men – white tees. Ladies – red tees. Add 1 shot to the ladies’ handicaps; then determine who has the lowest resultant handicap. The 3 other players deduct this lowest handicap from                their own respective (adjusted) handicaps, then multiply the resultant differential handicaps by 90% and round up or down, as usual, to the nearest whole number to arrive at the number of           shots to be received by each. Each player receiving shots will take them at holes with a stroke index on the men’s card from 1 up to the calculated received number of shots.

Guest Players:- A guest over 55yrs of age with a “Competitive Congu Handicap” will be allowed to win monetary prizes or equivalent but not win a trophy. Any guest under the age of 55will not be charged a competition fee, will play as a marker and will therefore not be eligible to win any prize.

Partnership for Honour Board Competitions; if after entering a “Pairs Competition”, a change the partnership is required due to a long term injury/illness, recuperation from injury/illness or withdrawal of membership. Such a change is permitted provided neither of the original partnership nor the incoming partner has played in any rounds within the event.

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