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Happy New Year to all our seniors for 2018

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Please please can you respond to Josh's  email and give some positive reviews to our new club .
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Hi Don, Bob,
Can you send an email out to all seniors asking them to review Clays Golf on GolfShake...

Seniors Kitty competition December 28th 2017

Derek is indebted to Tom McGrady for the following report and photos.

10 members  braved the icy conditions and played 15 holes  (the 2nd, 16th, and 17th were closed). The fairways were very playable but the greens were icy making putting a bit of an issue but good fun too.

The 10 players were: Andrew Mitchell, Bob Brown, Chris Jacques, Maelor Davies, Noel Jones, Roy Jordan, Joe White, Harold Hughes, Mike Drake and myself. Some photos may be available soon.

There were 3 prizes as follows:

1st   Bob Brown with 28 points

2nd  Harold Hughes with 26 points
3rd   Andrea Mitchell with 25 points

Happy Xmas everyone December 2017

Happy Christmas Everybody  !!!!!!!!
Jingle Bells like you have never heard it before!  FANTASTIC!!
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Multiplier Competition December 21st 2017

Thanks to Steve Monk for the following results.

Todays competition was a Multiplier. 24 players competed in six fourballs over 15 holes (the 2nd, 16th and 17th being closed due to wet conditions).
Winners were:
1st - Peter Fraser, Mike Kalka, Barry Evans and Harold Hughes with 93 points

2nd - Peter Almond, Roy Jordan, Keith Hawthorn and Mike Drake with 86 points.

3 Clubs and a putter Stableford December 19th 2017

Today the weather was mild and later in the morning felt like summer. The competition was over 15 holes with the 2nd/16th/17th out of action.

Results as follows:-

Colin Brown 31ptsFrank Rodenhurst 30ptsMalcolm Williams 28ptsRalph Hardy 27ptsHarold Hughes 27ptsDave Palferman 27pts
Andrew Mitchell ran the 2's competition.There was only one winner namely Mike Kalka on the 12th
Some photos and videos of the day below

Golf Rule via Fred December 14th 2017

14/12/2017: In the hazard or not, Oh what a tangles web we weave, recently when given a scenario from the days competition a player teed off on the 17th at Clays and his ball entered the pond, each member in the group witnessing the splash.  The player walked forward and dropped a ball into play and played into the green, as the group approached the green the players’ original ball was found outside the hazard having done a Barnes Wallace. My instinct advise was the player incurred a penalty when proceeding to the pond and dropping a ball under rule 26.1 but was mindful I now had a problem because of the wording in rule -26 which makes a reference to “virtual certainty” so I have carried out some research as follows:-
1.You must know or be virtually certain your ball has entered a hazard, in order to apply rule 26.1. 2.You cannot assume your lost ball is in the hazard; rule 27 applies (stroke and distance) a.A question: - Playing toward a hazard you are virtually cer…

Seniors breakfast Club December 14th 2017

As there was no golf today 16 Seniors enjoyed a lovely breakfast cooked by Hayley....looks yummy

Seniors Xmas meal December 12th 2017

This year was slightly different from past years in that there was no 9 hole Texas scramble prior to the meal for obvious reasons!
The afternoon began with pre-lunch drinks in the bar. Russ Adamson did a great job as MC announcing the format of the day and when lunch would be served etc

The room had been beautifully set out as below with several tables and a well organised table plan

Some photos below of the various tables with their respective members

After the meal Seniors Captain Don Wraight announced and presented various prizes as below. Fred Court also presented some Devon Trip winners.

Honours Board winners and roll of Honour December 11th 2017

Images courtesy of Don Wraight, Seniors Captain.

Seniors Medal Dec 7th 2017

Senior Medal (Stableford)Played on Thursday, 7 December 2017 at Clays

Competition Scratch Score:
Non-Qualifying (Men - Yellow Tees)
Non-Qualifying (Ladies - Red Tees)

PositionPlayerScoreCommentsDivision 11Povey, Martin39 pts (16)Division 1 - Winner3Williams, Malcolm36 pts (18)Division 1 - Runner-Up4Mitchell, Andrew35 pts (15)Division 1 - 3rd5Brown, Colin34 pts (17)6Jones, Dilwyn33 pts (18)7Wraight, Don32 pts (10)8

Seniors AGM December 5th 2017 after Texas scramble

Today's Texas Scramble Results:
5 teams of 4 played holes 1 to 4 and 14 to 18 only.

The best score was 27.80 by the team of Frank Rodenhurst, Dilly Jones, Phil Morris and Dave Palferman
2nd, with 27.85, were Colin Evans, Peter Lynch, Andrew Mitchell and Malcolm Williams.

Across the road another 5 teams of 4 played holes 5 to 13 only.

Best was a score of 27.9 by Stewart Poole, Peter Almond, Barry Evans and Tom McGrady

2nd, with 29.2, were Derek Lyon, Colin Brown, Ron Roberts and David Lloyd.

All players then attended the AGM at noon along with other Seniors members who did not play in the competition. In total 55 Seniors attended the AGM.

Various photos of the AGM below