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Seniors Competitions January 2017

Tuesday Jan 3rd MULTIPLIER
Thursday Jan 5th JANUARY MEDAL Draw on board – please see Don for late entries Tuesday Jan 10th WINTER LEAGUE Round 1 Individual Stableford Thursday Jan 12th TEXAS SCRAMBLE
Tuesday Jan 17th 9x3 plus 9x2

Seniors Hogmanay Stableford December 29th 2016

Derek is deeply indebted to Steve Monk for the following report....

25 members turned out in very frosty conditions to play a 'Hogmanay' Individual Stableford. Landing a ball on the greens was tricky due to the frost - low runners often stopped short as the ball was grabbed by the frost, whereas a high pitch sometimes resulted in the ball bouncing so high that it disappeared first bounce somewhere behind the green. Nevertheless some creditable scores were recorded and the sun shone for most of the time - though never high enough to melt all of the frost.

Results (from 17 holes played, the 2nd being omitted) were as follows.
1st - Mike Goring with 37 points.

2nd - Malcolm Williams with 32 points.

3rd - Bob Jarvis with 30 points.

4th - Don Wraight with 29 points.

5th - Barry Dare with 28 points (on countback)

John Hughes sent the following 2 photos which he took earlier in the week.

December 27th 2016 Teams of 3 with best 2 scores counting

15 played on this frosty morning . Playing 18 holes  all starting from the First Tee in teams of three with 2 best scores counting
1st   Harold Hughes ,Frank Rodenhurst. Peter Regan. with  73 points 2nd  Brian Downes Noel Jones, Mike Hollings  with  72 points

It was nice to see Mike Hollings walking the course today the full 18 holes first time since his operation on the knees. Well done Mike 

Seniors Xmas Stableford December 22nd 2016

Today's weather was a mixture of rain and sunshine with temperatures around 6-8C. Hole number 2 was not in play so comp was over 17 holes only.

Competitors were in festive mood as the photos will show.

Results as follows:-

Andrew Mitchell 38 pointsPeter Lynch 36 pointsBarry Dare 35 pointsErnie Williams  34 pointsNigel Davies 33 pointsDon Wraight 33 pointsNigel Harris 32 points In the 2's competition run by Cliff Evans there were 3 winners all recording  2 on the 12th namely Don Wraight, Nigel (that man again!) Davies and Mike Kalka
Some photos of the day below

Waltz competition December 20th 2016

Thanks to Steve and Cliff for submitting these results. Derek did not play!

A lovely day for winter golf today (6C) and 36 seniors turned out for a Waltz stableford competition, played in teams of 4. Seventeen holes were in play as the 2nd was closed.
Winners were:
1st - Mike Drake, Mike Griffiths, Tom McGrady and Steve Monk, with 83 points
2nd - Ron Roberts, Noel Jones, Maelor Davies and Chris Jacques with 77 points,

3rd - Peter Lynch, Colin Evans, Joe White and Bill Kelleher with 74 points.

34 played in the 2's comp. with two winners  both on the 12 Hole namely  Bob Dean and Frank Rodenhurst

Pairs both scores count December 15th 2016

Today some 37 Seniors competed over 18 holes.

Ron Roberts and Mike Kalka  74 pointsNigel Davies and Tom McGrady  71 pointsReg Taylor and Bill Kelleher  69 pointsPeter Fraser and Chris Jacques 68 pointsBob Dean and John Davis 65 points
In the 2's competition there were 3 winners namely Ernie Williams, Reg Taylor and Bill Kelleher all carded on the 2nd hole.

Seniors Xmas festivities December 13th 2016

As usual the Seniors Section had a 9 hole competition prior to their Xmas meal

Result from Clays Seniors Christmas 9 Hole -net scores
Holes clubhouse side 1st  Neil Sanger, Dilly Jones, Bob Jarvis and Russ Adamson 29.5pts 2nd Rod Evans, Mike Turner, Steve Monk and Don Wraight 29.6 pts
Farm side 1st Ron Roberts, Tom McGrady, Phil Morris and Nigel Harris 28.4 pts
2nd Bill Hughes, Fred Court, Barry Dare and Peter Lynch 30.6 pts
As Derek was not there (Scrooge!) he is indebted to Cliff Evans for providing several photographs as below. Later photos via Nigel.

Bonus Ball Competition December 8th 2016

Some 30 Seniors played today over 18 holes. Weather sunny with temperatures around 14C....great for the time of the year.

Explanation of scoring for Bonus Ball (previously called Yellowish Ball).
This is played as a stableford competition, ideally in 4-ball teams.
At every hole all four stableford scores count towards the team total, and a 'bonus' score is added. The bonus score is derived as follows.
At all holes on the front 9 of the course (holes 1 to 9 inclusive), the lowest stableford points score from the 4 team members is added as the bonus score.
At all holes on the back 9 of the course (holes 10 to 18 inclusive) the highest stableford points score from the 4 team members is added as the bonus score.
Some examples:-
On Hole 1, say, the 4 players record scores of 6/2, 4/3, 6/1, 5/2. The bonus score is the lowest of these, i.e. 1. So the team total for the hole is 9.
On Hole 7, say, the 4 players record scores of 5/2, 6/2, 5/3, 7/0. The bonus score is the lowest of these, i.e. …

SENIORS AGM and competition prior to the event December 6th 2016

Originally there was to be a Texas scramble prior to the AGM but the competition was changed to
 2 separate comps, the first was for 6 teams of 4 over holes 5 to 13,  The 2nd was for 5 teams over holes 1, 3, 4, and then 14 to 18 (8 holes in total). The scores were made up of the best 2 scores on all holes played except the last 2 played by each team (holes 12, 13 and holes 17 and 18) when the best 3 scores counted.

9 hole results as follows
Andrew Mitchell, Malcolm Williams, Bill Hughes and John Kelty  53 pointRoy Jordan, Irwin Elkin, John Davies and Tony Harcombe 52 points 8 Hole results as follows Phil Hughes, Barry Dare, Dilly Jones and Tom McGrady  42 pointsPeter Fey, Peter Lynch, Stewart Poole and Nigel Davies 41 points
The Seniors AGM commenced at 12 noon. Agenda below:
Clays Seniors Annual General Meeting

Tuesday December 6th 2016
Time 12.00 noon after 9 hole competition.


 Members present;
Minutes of last AGM December 8th 2015;
Matter arising from minutes;

Senior Medal December 1st 2016 All holes open

Competition Result Senior Winter Medal (Stableford)Played on Thursday, 1 December 2016 at Clays.

Competition Scratch Score:
Non-Qualifying (Men - Yellow Tees)
Non-Qualifying (Ladies - Red Tees)
Show: Gross Scores Result Overall
PositionPlayerScoreCommentsDivision 12Fraser, Peter37 pts (17)Division 1 - Winner5Brown, Colin35 pts (17)Division 1 - Runner-Up8Owens, Tony Martin34 pts (17)11Jones, Dilwyn32 pts (17)13McGrady, Tom31 pts (17)16Palferman, David31 pts (11)17