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Seniors events and Competitions September 2016

Thursday Sept 1st GREENSOMES
Tuesday Sept 6th PAIRS BETTERBALL Also Away Match vs HOLYWELL
Wednesday Sept 7th HELSBY OPEN (Away)
Thursday Sept 8th SEPTEMBER MEDAL Strokeplay / White Tees Tee times on board – for late entries please see Don Wraight Tuesday Sept 13th
‘9 x 3’ plus ‘9 x 2’ Also Away Match vs HAWARDEN

Waltz Competition August 30th 2016

Today we played a Waltz competition. 34 played in 2 x 3 balls and 7 x 4 balls. Results were:

The 3-ball division was won by Peter Lynch, Peter Fey and John Kelty, with 73 points.

In the 4-balls, winners were Tony Owens, Rodney Evans, Dave Palferman and Reg Taylor with 79 points.

Runners-up were Stewart Poole, Ray Jones, Malcolm Williams and Fred Court with 75 points.

Larry Birch Memorial Trophy August 25th 2016. Individual Stableford over 17 holes

This annual event was held over 17 holes.The 2nd hole closed and still has work being done on it.

1. Colin Brown 38 points on count back.

2. Bob Jarvis  38 points

3. Stewart Poole  37 points  on count back

4. Bob Brown 37 points

5. Ron Roberts  36 points

6. John Kelty  36 points

7. Roy Jordan 36 points

8. Dave Palferman 35 points

After the results were announced Colin was presented with the Trophy by Nigel. It was a very memorable day for Colin as it was his 43rd wedding anniversary as well. Congratulations to Colin and Caryl.

3 Members shared the 2's competition namely Dave Jones, Dilly Jones and Tom Pierce. All 3 had a 2 on the 5th. Thanks to Cliff Evans for sorting this competition...great job.

Trial Bogey competition August 23rd 2016

Today should have been the annual DJ Bogey competition but as only 17 holes were in play this could not be played and will be postponed to a later date.However it was decided to play a "trial bogey" competition over the 17 holes. Hole 2 was out of action and photos below show the work being done on that hole.

Results as follows:

Barry Dare  +4Harold Hughes   +4Nigel Harris  +4Frank Rodenhurst +3Mike Parks  levelErnie Williams  level
   2's were carded by Malcolm Williams on the 12th, Tony Harcombe on the 5th and Keith Jones on the 12th 
The weather today was very hot with temperatures during the day of about 25C and later this rose to 29C in Gresford...phew!
Photos of the day below. The first few show the work being done on the 2nd

Seniors Texas Scramble August 18th 2016

Texas Scramble over 17 holes(2nd hole out of action) 43 members took part.

1st  Mike Turner, Phil Hughes, Tom McGrady & Mike Hollings 54.2

2nd Barry Evans, Maelor Davies, Chris Jacques & Tony Owens  55.5

3rd Andy Mitchell, Dave Jones, Barry Dare & Peter Fraser  56.8

Shifnal Open Monday August 15th 2016

Dave Palferman kindly sent the following videos taken on the day. I think all viewers will recognise each player?

Seniors Individual Stableford August 16th 2016

There were only 17 holes open today with 2nd hole closed


Bill Kelleher   36 pointsIrwin Elkin  34 pointsBob Brown 33 pointsAndrew Mitchell  32 pointsDon Wraight  32 pointsNoel Jones   31 pointsRoy Jordan 31 pointsMalcolm Williams 31 points
     There were two 2's carded today....namely Roy Jordan on the 12th and Gary Campbell on the 5th

     Video below shows Dilly Jones teeing off on the 4th

     Photos and videos taken on the day below:-

Bonus ball August 11th 2016

Explanation of scoring for Bonus Ball (previously called Yellowish Ball).
This is played as a stableford competition, ideally in 4-ball teams.
At every hole all four stableford scores count towards the team total, and a 'bonus' score is added. The bonus score is derived as follows.
At all holes on the front 9 of the course (holes 1 to 9 inclusive), the lowest stableford points score from the 4 team members is added as the bonus score.
At all holes on the back 9 of the course (holes 10 to 18 inclusive) the highest stableford points score from the 4 team members is added as the bonus score.
Some examples:-
On Hole 1, say, the 4 players record scores of 6/2, 4/3, 6/1, 5/2. The bonus score is the lowest of these, i.e. 1. So the team total for the hole is 9.
On Hole 7, say, the 4 players record scores of 5/2, 6/2, 5/3, 7/0. The bonus score is the lowest of these, i.e. 0. So the team total for the hole is 7.
On hole 10, the 4 scores are 4/4, 6/2, 5/2, 6/1. The bonus score is the highest of …

Clays Seniors Open AUGUST 9TH 2016

A large number of contestants took part and thanks must go to many members of the Seniors Committee ensured the day went well.

Results as follows :-
(Clay's members  unless otherwise stated)
1st Tom Pierce & Frank Rodenhurst 40pts (Count back)
2nd Colin Brown & Nigel Davies 40pts
3rd Ralph Hardy & Phil Round (Prestatyn) 39pts (Count back)
Nearest the Pin (5th) Barry Evans
Straightest Drive (10th) Nigel Harris
Nearest the Pin in 2 (18th) John Lewis (Ruthin Pwllglas)

Two players had 2s:
Barry Evans
Frank Rodenhurst

Yellow ball golf rule via Fred

8/8/2016.         It is surprising to hear that confusion still exists in the scoring system of “Yellow-Ball”. Last time played, one of our players was convinced he was entitled to a free drop from a ditch. Rules were clarified because of such issues way back when Roy was our Senior Captain. The simplest way to remember is: -
Provided they have not taken any penalty strokes, a nominated player doubles their Stableford score on the hole during play of their turn as “Yellow-Ball”. If they take a penalty stroke, their nomination as “Yellow-Ball” is cancelled for the hole in play and the subsequent holes they were allocated, instead they record normal Stableford score for their play.
A penalty stroke is any stroke applied in normal play under the R&A rules, Lost ball; Ball unplayable; OOB; moving a ball rest; deflecting a moving ball; grounding your club in a hazard; etc, etc. the Sheriff.

Seniors Medal August 4th 2016

HandicapDivision 13Palferman, David82 - 12 = 70Division 1 - Winner11.84Peacock, Reg84 - 13 = 71Division 1 - Runner-Up13.05Kelleher, William Bill84 - 12 = 72Division 1 - 3rd11.66Adamson, Russ78 - 06 = 72Lowest Gross Score6.2

Division 21Stokes, Graham93 - 25 = 68

Rules regarding hole 16th and hazards/drops etc

Confirmation requested on the location your Ball should be dropped when your ball comes to rest in the ditch hazard beyond the 16th Pond. The answer depends upon the flight of your Ball. The diagram shows two flights of the Ball  The first crosses the boundary of the pond at point “A” and enters the ditch from the pond. The penalty drop in this case shall be on the Line “AA” or from where last played (stroke and Distance).
The second flights the pond and lands on the other side of the pond then bounces into the lateral hazard at point “B” First you must be virtually certain the ball landed before bouncing sideways into the hazard.

As the ball last crossed a boundary of a hazard at point “B” you may using this point as reference, drop a ball within two club lengths of “B” (either side of the ditch), not nearer the hole, or play stoke and distance. If you know your ball landed over the pond but you have not witnesses your Ball’s entering the lateral hazard, and you are unable to lo…

Pairs Betterball August 2nd 2016

26 entered Cliff Evans twos sweep with three achieving 2s .Stewart Poole on the 2nd hole .Ernie Williams on the 5th and Maelor Davies on the 12 hole.

Results via Steve Monk below

32 players competed in a Pairs Betterball kitty comp, with another 8 playing in rounds of the Seniors Pairs knockout.
In the kitty comp, winners were:
1st - Stewart Poole and Mike Drake, with 46 points.
2nd - Kim Harcombe and Ray Jones, with 43 points.
3rd - Mike Kalka and Chris Jacques, with 42 points.

4th - Ernie Williams and Mike Turner with 40 points (on countback from 3 other pairs on with 40 points).

Cliff kindly provided the following 3 photos.

Pairs Betterball August 2nd 2016

26 entered Cliff Evans twos sweep with three achieving 2s .Stewart Poole on the 2nd hole .Ernie Williams on the 5th and Maelor Davies on the 12 hole.

Cliff kindly provided the following 3 photos.

Seniors events for August 2016

Tuesday August 2nd PAIRS BETTERBALL
Wednesday August 3rd OSWESTRY OPEN (Away)
Thursday August 4th AUGUST MEDAL Strokeplay / White Tees Entries in advance via sheet on Notice Board Tuesday August 9th CLAYS SENIORS OPEN Pairs Betterball – 90% H’Cap MANY GREAT PRIZES
Get someone to make up a pair with you and enter at Clays Reception Desk Thursday August 11th
Match vs Denbigh (Home) Players not in match book a Tee