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Seniors Kitty competition June 25th Best 2 scores front 9 and best 3 scores back 9

Some 51 Seniors competed today and after the event Colin Brown presented trophies to various winners from Devon 2015. Photos are published below.

Results of today's competition as follows.

1. Ron Roberts, Mike Goring, Elwyn Jones and Dave Palferman   106 points. Dave even managed to score some 42 points himself even with a "blob" on the 8th!

2. Richard Key, Reg Taylor, Bob Jarvis and Bill Parry   103 points  on countback

3. Neil Sanger, Dilly Jones, Bill Kelleher and Phil Hughes  103 points

Below the various winners from Devon being presented with their respective trophies from Colin.

Ramnee winner with the highest total accumulated Stableford points over the 4 days is Irwin Elkin with 141
Forrest Trophy the best nett score from any day was 65 but cannot be won by the Ramnee winner therefore the winner is Tony Harcombe with a best nett of 68 28 My ar* Trophy the person with the most hole scoring 4 or more points during the 4 Days is Stuart Leyland  with 5 on count back from…

Seniors kitty competition and home match vs Henlle June 23rd 2015

The individual stableford results for those not in the match as follows:

1. Tom McGrady  39 points

2. Stewart Poole  38 points on count back

3. Des Dipple  38 points

4. Bill Parry 37 points

Match result vs Henlle at home resulted in a win for Clays 6 matches to 4.

Match vs Hawarden at home plus kitty competition June 18th 2015

Golf result for Thursday 18th June 2015. Individual Stableford (22 players) 1st         Graham Stokes           37 points  (Countback) 2nd        Bob Jarvis                   37 points  (Countback)
3rd         Ralph Hardy                34 points  (Countback)
In the match vs Hawarden at Clays the result was a win for Hawarden 5,5 to 4,5. 3 of the matches were won on the 18th with a final putt!!

Seniors Memorial Trophy

Today was the first occasion this competition was held. Some 55 seniors competed in the most enjoyable and warm weather conditions .....24C

Results as follows as announced by Stewart Poole with Presentation of the Trophy by Colin Brown the Seniors Captain.

Winner: Phil Morris with a superb 43 points
2nd Tony Harcombe  41 points
3rd Nigel Davies 41 points
4th Ian Ketland 40 points
5th Mike Turner 39 points
6th Stewart "steady" Poole 38 points
7th Paul White 37 points
8th Tony Jackson 37 points
9th Dave Palferman 37 points

Devon trip June 2015

Day 1 Irwin Elkin 36; Ralph Hardy 36; Colin Bain 34. Day 2 Irwin Elkin 43; Mike Kalka 36; Tony Jackson 35. Day 3 Tony Harcombe 37; Irwin Elkin 36; Tony Jackson 36. Day 4 Colin Bain 36; Rodney Evans 32; Mike Turner 32. Day 5 Due to weather forecast only 7 Played so we piloted a fun game I have called “tail end Charlie”. It so happened to be the best weather of the week. Ramnee Trophy -Irwin Elkin 141 pts; Barry Dare 124 pts; Tony Harcombe 124 pts Forrest Trophy - Irwin Elkin best nett 65 not permitted to win both Winner Tony Harcombe 68 nett; Tony Jackson 72; Ralph Hardy 72.
28 MYmy Trophy Stuart Leyland with a total of 5 holes scoring four points or more.

Ramnee winner with the highest total accumulated Stableford points over the 4 days is Irwin Elkin with 141 Forrest Trophy the best nett score from any day was 65 but cannot be won by the Ramnee winner therefore the winner is Tony Harcombe with a best nett of 68 28 My ar* Trophy the person with the most hole scoring 4 or more po…

Seniors kitty competition June 11th 2015

Glorious sunshine today with temperatures approaching 24C

 With many seniors in Devon on their annual golf week and with others at a North wales Open just 29 competed today.

 Format was teams of either 3 or 4 with best 2 scores to count on front 9 and best 3 scores to count on back 9.

Winners of teams of three were Tom Pierce, Geoff Morris and Mike Griffiths with 88 points.
Of the teams of 4 the winners were Noel Jones, Alwyn Williams, John Kelty and Dilly Jones with 103 points.

Runners up were Denis Jones, Dave Jones, Chris Jacques and Bill Kelleher with 88 points

Seniors Texas scramble June 9th 2015

Texas Scramble played in lovely warm weather with temperatures around 15-16 C

3-ball competition :
1st Nigel Davies, Mike Griffiths & Frank Rodenhurst  60.4
2nd Maelor Davies, Tom McGrady & John Kelty  63.4

4-ball competition :
1st Ray Jones, Dave Palferman, John Davis & Des Dipple  59.8
2nd Andrew Mitchell, Bill Parry, Reg Taylor & Eifion Jenkins 61.2

Clays Seniors Captain Colin Brown presented prizes for the Winter League as follows :
1st Andrew Mitchell
2nd Peter Lynch
3rd Eifion Jenkins

Seniors events June 2015








Seniors Medal June 4th 2015

At long last it appears that summer had arrived. Many of the seniors played in shorts for the first time this year.

There were several stories of hard luck reported some of which are recorded below along with some photos!

Tom McGrady reported "Can't believe it! I recorded 2x9's, 1x7, and 3x6's today and ended up 2nd in 1st division with a net 74.My handicap is now the lowest it has ever been at 16.9!  "

Peter Fraser had fun as reported below in photographs. Not only did he have an 8 on the 16th but 2 7'elsewhere. He hit a very long drive down the 16th to have to take 3 off the tee as he could not find his ball! He ended up with a 9 on that hole!

Division 15Roberts, Ronald H83 - 11 = 72Division 1 - Winner &
Lowest Gross Score10.78McGrady, Tom92 - 18 = 74Division 1 - Runner-Up16.99Mitchell, Andrew89 - 15 = 74Division 1 - 3rd15.0
Division 21Jordan, Roy89 - 21 = 68Division 2 - Winner

Seniors Individual Stableford June 2nd 2015

Individual Stableford. This event replaced the home match vs Ruthin Pwllglas which was cancelled.
1st Andrew Mitchell  39 points
2nd Nigel Davies  35 points (countback)
3rd Tony Harcombe  35 points (countback)
4th Don Wraight  35 points
5th Cliff Evans  33 points (countback)
6th Barry Dare  33 points (countback)