22 December, 2010

Captains speech at 2010 Club AGM

Mr President, Captain, Lady Captain, Lady Vice Captain, Immediate Past County Captain, Past Captains, ladies and gentlemen. I am greatly honoured to become Captain and really look forward to my year in office. I have a couple of disadvantages - I am neither a good golfer nor a good speaker. However I do have a great desire to work hard with Management to develop the Club and to improve it for all members. I would like to pay tribute to our departing Captain, Howard, for the tremendous job he has done. He has put in a huge amount of effort and has always put the interests of the Club first - witness his generous decision to pass Ryder Cup tickets on to members as recognition of the work they did for the Club. His year was crowned by the hugely successful Charity day which raised £3400 for Help the Heroes and Ysgol Heulfan. It was a great privilege to be present when the cheque was handed over last month. I guess his only shortcoming was his complete inability to manage the weather - he came in with the snow and it’s only just gone. I hope to do better but, given the latest forecast and that bad weather seemed to follow me around this year, don’t bank on it! The Club will have a great Lady Captain and Vice Captain in Diane and Annie, President, Tony, and Junior Captain, Patrick. Di and I have already discussed with Steve some things we’d like to do, and I’d like to run through a few of them. Firstly we are acutely aware of the need to improve communications in and around the Club. To this end we intend to issue a monthly newsletter containing details of upcoming events etc - it will be emailed, and also published on notice boards and website. We are also planning a Council website and much prompter posting of committee minutes. A simple paper fixtures list will shortly be available, with the same information available on the website. Also Steve has arranged a member’s forum for Wednesday January 12th to allow him to go through some of his plans and give you the opportunity to raise any issues and suggestions. Steve has promised a free drink to all attendees which should get the questions flowing! I firmly believe that we are all Club members first, and ladies or gentlemen second and that golf is both a game and a social occasion. We want to provide opportunities for more interaction between all members by holding more social golfing competitions and events. Seniors and ladies mixed matches are already arranged and we will organise weekend mixed and team competitions. We also plan to try out events such as Irish foursomes (4 ball with 1 club each), cross country’s (zig-zagging across the course) and maybe even night golf. I would also like to hold occasional role-up competitions, both at weekends and during the week, where a ballot is held to decide playing partners within chosen time slots. This is modelled on the seniors kitty comps which are tremendously successful in getting members to know each other. Please support these competitions, and feed back any suggestions for improving them (or any other ‘social competition’ ideas). I’m also aware that there have been shortfalls in getting competition winnings distributed. Next year medal winnings will be credited every 3 months. At the same time there will be a quarterly medal champion competition for all prize winners, followed by a presentation. We also intend to review Boarded competition prize levels. I’d like to change presentation evening a bit - I’m not sure that the traditional Wales v Rest of the World competition works - I’d appreciate your views on that. I also think we can improve the actual presentation evening. Having said that, the biggest improvement would be much better support from the members - I would particularly ask that all winners and runners up make every attempt to attend. We would like to nominate Cancer Research and the local charities, Home Start and Family Friends (who help struggling families with young children), as our Captains Charities in 2011. There will be a Charity day on September 10th and other fund raising events, and the 20p fine for going into a bunker on the 18th hole will be re-instated. The charity bank account number will be published so that, if you forget your fine (or are just feeling generous), you can transfer money directly! Slow play has been a long running concern with weekend rounds approaching 5 hours. Can everyone do everything possible to speed up play, particularly at weekends. Simple things can make all the difference:- - don’t mark your card on the green; - if it’s your honour but you’re not ready, let someone else go first; - leave your clubs on the side of the green closest to the next tee; - size up your shot and decide on your club whilst approaching your ball so that you can play straight away; - if players in front of you stray onto your fairway give them priority - you’re only delaying yourself otherwise; - at weekends endeavour to make up 4 balls - it will make your round more enjoyable and free up tee-times for others; - under no circumstances play if you don’t have a tee time - if you think someone is pushing in please challenge and report them to me so that action can be taken. Management are well aware of the problem and actively addressing slow play from visiting societies, but we, as players, also need to get our house in order. We have many new Council and sub-Committee members this year. They are all going to do a great job but please give them time to bed into their new roles. Also let all the officers concentrate on their golf out on the course - that is not the place to ask them questions. I am always willing to discuss things informally in the bar or round the clubhouse, but any issues you want brought forward officially need to be put in writing. I will ensure that you receive a response. There will also be a facility available on the website for you to pass on any suggestions you may have. Finally I wish to apologise for missing the Christmas party, due to a wedding down south, but wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a successful and enjoyable golfing New Year. Also please turn up for a glass of fizz and witness my atrocious Captains drive-in at 10 o’clock on Saturday January 8th.

17 December, 2010

Seniors Xmas Party Golf results December 16th 2010

The competition took the form of a 9 hole Texas Scramble played over two sets of 9 holes each side of the road running through the Club Front side 27.1 Terry Hughes, Larry Birch, Dave Riley & Alwyn Williams 28,4 Neil Sanger, Peter Lynch, Bob Jarvis & Ernie Williams Other side 25.5 Barry Evans, Dave Lambert, Noel Jones & Maelor Davies 27.7 Bill Hughes, Mike Carding, Tom Mara & Phil Hughes After the match the Seniors enjoyed their usual Xmas Festivities and some photos are to be seen here on this page

15 December, 2010

Seniors Roll of Honour 2010

December 14th 2010 Kitty Competition

After some recent cold and wet weather some 38 Seniors entered this Kitty Competition over 18 holes. Format was individual stableford 1. Brian Downes 43pts 2. Barry Evans 38pts 3. Peter Lynch 38pts The Seniors Section will be having their Xmas lunch and festivities on December 17th and more news will be posted on that!! Derek sends Xmas greeting via this link http://smilebox.com/playEmail/4d6a41354d7a49774d44513d0d0a&sb=1

10 December, 2010

Seniors Kitty Competition week ending December 10th 2010

On Thursday 9/12/2010, 18 seniors played 18 holes (Stableford) 1st Neil Sanger 32 points 2nd Bob Jarvis 31 points 3rd Don Wraight 27 points

07 December, 2010

Clays Seniors AGM December 7th 2010

Above is Andrew Mitchell who was elected later at the AGM to be a Seniors Committee member Above Bob Brown, Seniors Captain about to brave the cold!! Above some of the other members preparing to go out! As the weather was still very cold with temperatures down overnight to about -7c some very hardy Seniors members competed in a 9 hole kitty competition prior to the AGM which took place at 12.30 The results of the Kitty competition today were as follows:-
  1. Peter Lynch 16pts
  2. Dave Lambert 15pts
  3. Noel Jones 13pts

Seniors 9x3 and 9x2 August 13th 2020

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