14 December, 2018

Seniors Stableford played under the new rules December 13th 2018

Thank you to Steve Monk for supplying the following results.

Today we played an individual stableford competition, under the new rules to come in permanently on Jan 1st 2019. 38 seniors played in cold but dry conditions.

Results were as follows:
1st - Ralph Hardy with 38 points.

2nd - Damian Atkin also with 38 points (on countback).

3rd - Nigel Davies with 37 points.

4th - Malcolm Williams with 36 points.

5th - Keith Hawthorn also with 36 points (on countback).

6th - Mike Healey with 35 points.

7th - Ivan Corlett  also with 35 points (on countback).

12 December, 2018

Seniors Xmas Party December 11th 2018

Derek is indebted to Don Wraight and Mike Parkes for submitting the following photos and results:-

9 hole texas scramble from tees on clubhouse side 1st,16th and on the other side of the course tees 5th and 10th.

Course in great condition for December with the greens having been cut on Monday and all bunkers raked.

1st place on the clubhouse side
Ryan Anthony. Dilly Jones, Phil Gee and Dave Jones total of 27.65
2nd. Alan Bottomley, Russ Adamson, Liam Roddis and Mike Ryan  30.4

Far side
Winners  were Steve Monk, Mike Kalka, Ralph Hardy and Chris Jacques  26.75
2nd Harold Hughes, Geoff Morris Mike Carnell and Graham Davidson-Clarke 29.4

Following the golf we were presented with a lovely turkey dinner with all the trimming and Christmas pud. Meal was fantastic and enjoyed by all.
Wine and beer flowed and everyone had a great time.
Steve Beech devised a general knowledge quiz to tax us all.

Mark receiving the collection made for him and Greenstaff on behalf of Seniors Section.

07 December, 2018

Seniors Medal Stableford December 6th 2018

Some great scores were carded today. Results as follows:-

  1. Andrew Mitchell  43 points won with 1 birdie and 8 pars  in a card play off from....
  2. Graham Bryne 43 points
  3. Michael Ryan 41 points
  4. Dave Palferman 41 points
  5. Ernie Williams 39 points
  6. Tom Pierce 39 points
  7. Tom McGrady 38 points
  8. Dilly Jones  37 points
  9. Mike Turner 37 points
  10. Bob Brown 35 points
  11. Don Wraight (Senior Captain) 35 points

04 December, 2018

9 Hole Texas scramble and Seniors AGM December 4th 2018

43 Members competed in today's Texas scramble

Teams played in 2 events. Those on near side of the road and those on far side of the road.

Results on nearside:-

  1. Frank Rodenhurst, Harold Hughes, Stuart Leyland and Bob Brown  31.05
  2. Mike Healey, Mike Griffiths, Alan Bottomley and Nigel Davies 33,2

Results on farside:-
  1. Don Wraight, Mick Carnell, Dilly Jones and Cliff Davies  28.65
  2. Noel Jones, Mike Hollings, Reg Peacock and Malcolm Williams  29.9

After the games the Seniors AGM commenced at 12 noon chaired by Seniors Captain Don Wraight

03 December, 2018

More golf rules from Fred November 3rd 2018

Sheriffs Blog 2/12/2018. Having blogged on many accessions and advised on action not permitted within the rules, it looks like the new rules will reverse some of that advice.
The first example that comes to mind is the rules on a provisional ball Rule 18.3. The rules advise under R18.3a; a Provisional ball is allowed when a ball may be lost outside of a “Penalty area” {water Hazard} or out of Bounds, to save time a player may play a Provisional ball under “stroke and distance”.
This applies {1} to a ball not yet found and identified and is not yet lost state or {2} when a ball might be lost in a penalty area but also might be lost elsewhere on the course, but if the player is aware that the only possible place the original ball could be lost is in a “Penalty area” a provisional ball is not allowed and any ball played from where the previous ball was played becomes the ball in play under a penalty of stroke and distance.

Don’t worry because the rules go on to advise situations a provisional ball may be played.

Under R18.3a1 a provisional ball may be played {1} The original ball might be in a penalty area but might also be lost outside the “Penalty area” or out of bounds.{2} The player believes the original ball came to rest in the “general area” and it might be lost. If it is later found in a “Penalty area” within the three minute search time the player must abandon the provisional ball.

R18.3a/2 a player may play a provisional ball for a ball that might be lost when the original ball has not been found and identified even if the 3 minute search time has not yet ended. [This is a change from previous rules as this now allows the player to walk back within the 3 minutes and play a provisional ball. If the original ball is found within the 3 minute search time the player must continue with the original ball]

R18.3a/3 When a player plays multiple balls from the same spot, each ball relates only to the previous ball played.

R18.3b Before the stroke is made; the player must announce they are playing a provisional ball.
 [It is not enough for the player to only say they are going to “play another ball” or “playing again”. The player must use the word “Provisional”.
If the player does not announce this even if it is the intention and plays a ball from where the previous ball is played, that ball is the players ball in play under a stroke and distance.
Examples valid for announcement of a provisional ball include “I’m playing a ball under rule 18.3” or “I’m going to play another just in case.”
Announcements not accepted as a clear indication of a provisional ball include “I’m going to reload” or “I’m going to play another”The Sheriff

30 November, 2018

Seniors events December 2018



Tuesday Dec 4th    
9-Hole Texas Scramble followed by A.G.M. at approx. 12 noon.
Please make every effort to be at the AGM - Thanks
Thursday Dec 6th   
DECEMBER ‘MEDAL’ (Stableford, Yellow Tees)
Draw is on Club Website Booking Page
Tuesday Dec 11th        
9-Hole Texas Scramble followed at approx 1.30 p.m. by


Cost £15 to include comp fee and party; liquid prizes; Xmas dinner; free wine at table; free draw for those who have paid their subs in advance;
great company.
Dress Code – Jacket and Tie
Thursday Dec 13th    
This is to enable us to sample a game under the new rules. It would be useful to look these up before the game!
Tuesday Dec 18th    

Thursday Dec 20th     
You can choose any 3 clubs plus your putter, so a maximum of 4 clubs in your bag
Individual Stableford
Tuesday Dec 25th    
So stop thinking about golf!!

Thursday Dec 27th   
‘9 x 3’ PLUS ‘9 X 2’

Tuesday Jan 1st  
If you want to play today, book your own tee if available
Thursday Jan 3rd  
Entries via usual notice on board.

More golf rules from Fred November 30th 2018

More golf rules from Fred

Sheriffs Blog 30/11/2018. Rule 7.4 covers the accidental moving of the ball during a search or identification. Provided the ball is replaced to its original or estimated original position there is no penalty for moving the ball, breaching this rule however does earns a general penalty.
Rule 10.1b covers the anchoring the club, except anchoring a club against the forearm a player  shall not anchor a club against any part of the body nor indirectly by anchoring a forearm against the body to create a stable point for the swing.
Rule 13.2a covers leaving the flagstick in the hole. This rule gives the player an option to leave the flagstick in the hole when putting.
However this rule requires a good read as there are new situations which will give a player penalty strokes avoidable if the player sticks to their choice to {1} leave the flagstick in the hole; {2} have the flag attended; or {3} have the flag removed

November 29th 2018 no kitty competition

Despite the wind and rain over the last couple of days, we're pleased to inform you that the course is standing up well and is OPEN today 29th November 

The 2nd and 11th holes are on temps but the rest of the greens are open for play.

As you will appreciate the ground is wet in places and therefore BUGGIES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The range, bar and restaurant are open as normal and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Golf Reception Team 

I understand no one from the Seniors went out for the kitty competition.

29 November, 2018

Golf rules via Fred November 29th 2018

Sheriff’s Blog 29/11/18 with reference to your testing a game against the new rules will be difficult unless members read the new rule book.
For example, the rules have introduced some new terminologies such as “Penalty area” and “Relief area”. My understanding is a “Penalty area” includes water hazards and any area marked by the committee as a penalty area. There has been subtle changes to the rules for example on playing a provisional ball which basically remain as before but have exceptions to obscure water hazards and allows a player new options previously not permitted, see rule 18.3 provisional ball; Relief Area.
So what is a relief area?
Free relief; If you mark the position for your ball to established the nearest point of relief when taking a free drop under a relevant ruling.
The relief area is the “D” shaped semi circle or quadrant area around this ball position, scribed by a radius of one club length arc, none of this area shall be nearer the hole than the reference point of relief marked.
In all cases the ball can no longer be dropped from Shoulder height, it shall be dropped from Knee height, the definition of knee height is the height of your knee when standing upright, you cannot squat and lower your knee height to drop the ball from a lower position. The ball when dropped correctly must strike the ground and also come to rest within the relief area. This is a change from the ball bouncing up to two club lengths not nearer the hole.

In the case of an unplayable ball there is another change if you take the option of measuring two club-lengths from the ball.
Previously we measured from the ball two club lengths then dropped the ball which could bounce up to two club lengths not nearer the hole.
Under the new rules, the relief area for a ball unplayable is the “D” shaped semi circle area around the unplayable position of the ball, not nearer the hole as scribed by a radius of two club-lengths around that position, even though much of the relief area may offer a further unplayable position, making an additional drop possible should you continue with this option or you may take one of the other two options available, {1} back on the line or {2} stroke and distance in these two cases the relief area changes back to a one club length arc.  
This may have confused you enough for now. Sheriff

Seniors Stableford played under the new rules December 13th 2018

Thank you to Steve Monk for supplying the following results. Today we played an individual stableford competition, under the new rul...