24 November, 2020

Winter League 2nd round result from Mike Healey November 24th 2020

Thank you again to Mike Hollings for producing a speedy result. The course was still damp but ride-ons allowed in the rough only. The same five holes were closed but we are expecting a dry spell - don't hold your breath. 39 players took part - seven cash prizes. Some familiar names are starting to recur at the top of the leader-board - well done to them and keep it going - the English players will be back for the next round😋. Round 2 - Winter League Result Stableford Points League Points Prize 1st : Alan Barnsdale 32 points 10 points £10.00 2nd : Don Wraight 29 points 9 points £8.00 3rd : Peter Thomas 28 points c/b 8 points £7.00 4th : Mick Carnell 28 points c/b 7 points £5.00 5th : Ernie Williams 27 points c/b 6 points £4.00 6th : Dave Talbot 27 points c/b 5 points £3.00 7th : Alan Bottomley 27 points c/b 4 points £2.00 8th : Bob Jarvis 26 points c/b 3 points 9th : Ian Ketland 26 points c/b 2 points 10th : Stewart Poole 25 points c/b 1 point The Committee are due to start our zoom AGM so I will send out the leader-board later this evening along with Sign up reminder for Thursday. Mike Healey

19 November, 2020

9x3 plus 9x2 competition report from Mike Healey November 19th 2020

(9x3) plus (9x2) Report and Result I’m afraid the ride-on buggies were once again denied an outing due to overnight rain. It left the playing conditions rather damp and there were even more light showers today to play through. Thanks go once again to Mike Hollings who has resolved the cards, with a few problems scoring on the first. One card was corrected from a par four to a par three. When Hole 1 is shortened, can we all remember to play it as a par three but with full handicap. All that said, a good competition ensued and we have some good results for you. Well, done all! First: Ralph Hardy, Bob Jarvis, Mike Turner, Ernie Williams - 78 points (all receive £5.00 each) Second: Tony Harcombe, Bill Kelleher, Tony Owens, Colin Evans - 75 points (all receive £2.00 each) Third: Damian Atkin, Steve Monk, Tom Blackshaw, Alan Bottomley - 74 points Fourth: Alan Barnsdale, Peter Bowen, Colin Brown, Les Williams - 72 points

17 November, 2020

Winter League Round one November 17th 2020 courtesy of Mike Healey

Winter League Round 1 Result and Report There were only 13 holes open today due to inclement weather over the weekend. Sadly, none of our buggy members were allowed to participate but there were still 38 senior players out on the course and some very good scores returned in this, our first round of the Winter League. Some very tight Stableford scores were difficult to separate for the league points (1 - 10). The competition was also played, as usual, as a kitty comp so find points and 7 prizes for the winners below. Finally, the whole occasion was concluded with a presentation of the Ken Lawrence Trophy and prizes from the previous week (find photos). Name Stableford Points League Points Prize First: Bob Jarvis 30 points (c/b) 10 points £10.00 Second: Don Wraight 30 points (c/b) 9 points £8.00 Third: George Hughes 29 points (c/b) 8 points £6.00 Fourth: David A Jones 29 points (c/b) 7 points £5.00 Fifth: Colin Brown 28 points (c/b) 6 points £4.00 Sixth: Steve Monk 28 points (c/b) 5 points £3.00 Seventh: Jim Fenn 27 points (c/b) 4 points £2.00: Eighth: Mick Carnell 27 points (c/b) 3 points Ninth: Alan Bottomley 27 points (c/b) 2 points Tenth: Damian Atkin 27 points (c/b) 1 point

Message from Barry Dare November 17th 2020

Good Morning Everyone, I wanted to drop you a note, whilst most of you were playing golf, and I, along with others across the border were in the middle of our latest lockdown. Thanks Everyone who joined in the Memorial/Poppy Day competition, Mike has organised the prizes for this morning, congratulations to all the recipients, but special congratulations to all the competitors, and those who made donations on the course during the week. The Grand Total raised for this was £428, which outstripped last years generous total. We will arrange to Present this to the Royal British Legion as soon as possible. Also, we would be approaching our AGM very shortly, but under the current conditions we all agreed the usual meeting would not be possible. We therefore decided that all committee members would automatically stay in position for a further year. Individual reports are in the process of being written, and will be available on the Seniors Blog for you to have a look at when you can. If any member has a burning issue that needs to be brought up, then feel free to respond to this email, and if appropriate I will endeavour to cover the issue either by committee, or if that is not possible through the membership by email. I hope you all find this acceptable for this current year. At last, with the early appearance of potential vaccines on the horizon, it is possible to see a way back towards normality during 2021. Hope to see you all soon Barry

13 November, 2020

Seniors Stableford Medal November 12th 2020

Division one First: Damian Atkin 41 points Second:Malcolm Williams 40 points Third: Ron Roberts 39 points Division two First: Dave A Jones 41 points Second: Rob Jarvis 37 points Third: George Hughes 35 points There were no 2's recorded in either division.

11 November, 2020

Ken Lawrence Trophy competition results from Mike Healey

Ken Lawrence Trophy Results First: Peter Thomas 41points KL Trophy / Bottle of Whisky Second: Alan Barnsdale 37points Golf Shop voucher Third: George Hughes 35points C/Back Cut and Blow Dry voucher Fourth: Ernie Williams 35points C/Back Sole shop voucher Fifth: David Jones 33points C/Back Scarf / Bottle of Wine Sixth: Steve Monk 33points C/Back Bottle of Wine Seventh: Damian Atkin 33points C/Back Bottle of Wine Nearest Pin on 2 Damian Atkin Bottle of Wine Nearest Pin on 5 Keith Jones Bottle of Wine Nearest Pin on 12 George Hughes Bottle of Wine Nearest Pin on 17 Nobody on green!! Nearest pin in 2 on 18 Alan Bottomley Bottle of Wine Longest Drive on 9 Russ Adamson Bottle of Wine What a superb day for the 45 Seniors who turned out for the Ken Lawrence Trophy Day. It was not the normal format this year but the principle of fund-raising for Poppy Day remained the same. The weather held for the majority but leaves were always going to be a problem! Don provided posters around the course to remind everybody about the Royal British Legion fund-raising. Derek Lyon and family, two club captains and the rest of the committee provided an array of vouchers and bottles for the prizes. Ken’s son was unable to be present on the day but provided the traditional bottle of whisky for the winner. The prizes were very evenly spread except for Nearest Pin on 17 – nobody hit the green! We are taking 7th position on points with yet another bottle of wine! All of the individual and pin cards were scrutinised by Mike Hollings and his efforts with the new handicaps also deserve a mention – well done Mike. There will be a short prizegiving ceremony next Tuesday at approximately 2.15pm after the first of the Winter League competitions. Could all winners try to be present on the day. Finally, Steve picked up your entry fees for the Royal British Legion collection and they were extremely generous. On the day £330.00 was the total from the fees and members unable to play, for whatever reason, also contributed a further £62.00. Seniors alone on Tuesday raised a total of £392.00 but Steve is leaving the envelope until Monday next week, as more money has been donated by the rest of the club members. A final total will be turned into a cheque and presented to RBL at some stage. Well done all – a splendid effort all round.

Winter League 2nd round result from Mike Healey November 24th 2020

Thank you again to Mike Hollings for producing a speedy result. The course was still damp but ride-ons allowed in the rough only. The same f...