22 August, 2019

Golf Rule via Fred August 2019

2nd August 2019. Many may think the Golf rules are too pedantic, their opinion may be correct, however rules are rules.
Across fairways many penalty shots fail to be applied by the player and / or their markers; a common offending breach of the rules is a player touching their own, or another player’s ball in play to identify it without first marking it as required within the rules.
The penalty for touching your ball with your club in preparing to make a stroke, under the previous rules was an exception and permitted your club touching your ball at address. However the current rules specifically include touching your ball with your club in the preparation of making a stroke is a 1 shot penalty.

Taking relief is another part of the game causing breaches within the rules because playing from the wrong place often arises in taking relief.
When relief is permitted some players in deciding their nearest point of relief incorrectly consider other features which may interfere with their next stroke and not relevant for the situation from which relief is permitted, consequently select a point which is not the nearest position and the player plays from the wrong place.
Relief is the nearest place the ball would lay to avoid interference with your stance or swing path, from the situation giving you your relief option. Note this position need not be identical for both a right hand and left hand player.

A similar argument is true when taking a penalty drop, except in this case the relief area is two Club lengths measured from the ball position

Larry Birch Memorial Trophy August 22nd 2019

First and recipient of the Larry Birch Trophy  -  Martin Povey            39 points

Below Martin receiving the trophy from Don Wraight Seniors Captain

Second                                                      - Dave Palferman         37 points

Third                                                          - Mike Hollings            35 points

Fourth                                                        - Nigel Davies              34 points (count back)

Fifth                                                           - Mike Healey              34 points (count back)

Sixth                                                          - Richard Key              33 points (count back)

Seventh                                                      - Keith Jones               33 points (count back)

In the 2's competition there were 2 winners

Mick Carnell and Colin Brown....both on the 12th

Videos below

Below Nigel Davies can be seen driving off the 11th tee

21 August, 2019

Seniors D J Bogie August 20th 2019

Only the first ten places are published below.The full results can be found on Clays website.

  1. Damian "that man again" Atkin  5 plus
  2. George Hughes  1 plus
  3. Alan Bottomley  - 1
  4. Ralph Howard  -1
  5. Roy Jordan -1
  6. Andrew Mitchell -1
  7. Tony Hafcombe  -2
  8. Alan Barnsdale  -2
  9. Martin Povey -3
  10. Tom McGrady  -3

Bonus Ball August 6th 2019

Bonus Ball 

First - Dilly Jones, John Kelty, George Hooson                                                148 points (count back)

Second - Mick Carnell, Maelor Davies,Bill Hughes, Joe White                           148 points (count back)

Third - Royan Anthony, Andy Jones, Harold Hughes, Mike Drake                       147 points

D J Bogie August 20th 2019

20 August, 2019

Seniors Open August 8th 2019

August the 8th  was the Seniors Open were we had 112 players, 53 home and 59 visitors.
Clubs from Malkins Bank, Shrewsbury, Henlle, Old Padeswood, Padeswood and Buckley, Moss, Wallesey, Warren,Hoylake and 4 visitors from Southerness in Scotland, their 2nd visit to our club.
All of whom gave great feed back to what a great day and fantastic course Clays has become.
Hayley presented a variety of food options and many used the catering and bar making the day very successful.
Clubs that participated have been emailed and thanked for their support and invited to the 2020 event, when it’s published.

Winners Stewart Poole/ Damien Atkin (Clays) 46pts
2nd Terry Dodd / Gary Owen ( Henlle) 41pts
3rd Nigel Harris / Bob Jarvis ( Clays) 41pts
Np 5th hole Peter Watkins ( Shrewsbury)
Nearest the line 10th Alan Barnsdale (Clays )
Np in 2 on the 18th Duncan Lowndes ( Shrewsbury)
A big thanks to Russ Adamson who was on the 1st tee seeing players off and to the Seniors committee for presenting the day

August 13th Texas scramble

46 players - 2 x three ball and 10 x four ball. The scoring was tight at the top for the three first prizes with all three teams scoring gross 66, therefore it went down to handicap reductions and the winning teams were:

First:        Keith Hawthorn, Mike Griffiths, Peter Fraser, Mike Kalka                66 - 7.9  =  58.1 points

Second:    Martin Povey, Ernie Williams, Dave F Jones, Joe White                 66 - 7.3  =  58.7 points

Third:        Russ Adamson, Mick Carnell, Mike Parks, Dave Palferman            66 - 6.6  =  59.4 points

Pairs Stableford kitty competition August 15th 2019

Lovely day for golf and 36 Seniors took part in a pairs Stableford competition - both scores to count:

First -            John Kelty, Richard Key            68 points

Second -       Don Wraight, Chris Jacques       63 points

Third -           Alan Barnsdale, Tom Pierce       62 points

Fourth -         Ernie Williams, Mike Drake        61 points

In the 2's competition run by Peter Bowen there were 3  winners
Ernie Williams on the 5th
Dilly Jones on the 12

and a super 2 on the 11th by Chris Jacques who holed out with his 2nd shot using a 9 iron from 145 yards. Photo courtesy of Don Wraight

04 August, 2019

Seniors August events 2019



Thursday Aug 1st
AUGUST MEDAL (Strokeplay, Men White Tees; Ladies Red)
(Stableford, Yellow Tees)
Book in advance on Seniors Notice Board.Also qualifies for Eclectic Comp.  See Don for late entries

Tuesday Aug 6th

Thursday Aug
Prizes: 1st - £100 each; 2nd £60 each; 3rd - £40 each, plus other prizes and raffle
Enter in advance asap, in pairs, via Reception or online. £8 - members and £10 - guests
Tuesday Aug 13th      

Thursday Aug 15th

Tuesday Aug 20th         
Format = Bogey, full handicap, yellow tees
Book in advance on Seniors Notice Board.
Thursday Aug 22nd   
Individual Stableford Kitty Competition
Saturday Aug 24th
Sign-up sheet reception
Tuesday Aug 27th
Individual Stableford QUALIFIER

Thursday Aug

Tuesday Sept 3rd
Match v Holywell (Away)
Home Players TBD
Weds Sept 4th

Thursday Sept 5th
SEPT. MEDAL (Strokeplay, Men White Tees; Ladies Red)
plus 9-HOLE COMPETITION (Stableford, Yellow Tees)
Book in advance on Seniors Notice Board. Also qualifies for Eclectic Comp.  See Don for late entries

02 August, 2019

Seniors Medal/9 hole Stableford qualifier August 1st 2019

Division 1

  1. Malcolm Williams  87-17-70
  2. Martin Povey  82-11-71
  3. Dave Palferman  84-12-72
  4. Alan Barnsdale  89-15-74
  5. Alan Bottomley 93-18-75

Division 2

  1. Harold Hughes 96-22-74
  2. Keith Hawthorn 93-19- 74
  3. Barry Dare  99-24-75
  4. Stuart Leyland  97-22-75
  5. Mike Drake 104-27-77

9 Hole stableford qualifier 
  1. Erwin Elkin 14 points
  2. Michael Parks 13 points
  3. Bill Hughes  11 points 

30 July, 2019

Captains Newsletter July 2019

Nigel's latest Captains Newsletter is now available online...


Best 2 scores on each hole/3 and 4 ball groups July 30th 2019

Thank you to Mike Healey for providing the following results:-

A lovely morning for the 38 participants who ventured out despite weather warnings. A few stragglers met with a few drops of rain but nobody sustained the forewarned soaking. Today's competition was Best Two Scores on each hole - two groups - Three Ball and Four Ball.

Three Ball Winners:        Stuart Poole, Mike Drake, Ray Jones                                    (69 points)

Three Ball Runners Up:   Mike Healey, Graham Bryne, Joe White                                 (68 points)

Four Ball Winners:          Dilly Jones, Peter Taylor, Fred Court, Harold Hughes               (84 points)

Four Ball Runners Up:     Jon Falcus, Alan Bottomley, Maelor Davies, Ralph Howard       (79 points)  after count back

Mick Carnell had to hire Securicor protection to get home with all of his winnings from the Two's competition being the only player to score a two on the second!!

Derek comments that the heavens opened after the match finished.

28 July, 2019

Another golf rule via Fred Court July 28th 2019 - Ref Red Penalty areas

28th July 2019. Red Penalty Areas vs GUR.
Recently advising a player his options after his ball entered a Red Penalty Area; he correctly observed the point of entry and proceeded to drop his ball clear of the tree overhang. His error is pointed out and he dropped within two club lengths of the boundary remaining below the overhang.
The new rules have introduced Red Penalty areas, which in many ways are similar to areas marked GUR, but is there a difference.
The answer is yes, GUR is the ground within the boundary marked as GUR, but includes any plantation rooted within the boundary, if the overhang of such plantation interferes with your stance or swing; relief is available from the overhang, even outside the marked boundary.
The definition for both Red and Yellow Penalty Areas states they extend both upward and downward from the Boundary. Therefore any plantation rooted within the Red Penalty Area does not include the overhang of the plantation and relief is not available from the overhang; hence the relief option of two club lengths shall be measured from the boundary regardless of any difficulties presented by plantation overhang. Sheriff.
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Golf Rule via Fred August 2019

2 nd  August 2019 . Many may think the Golf rules are too pedantic, their opinion may be correct, however rules are rules. Across fairwa...